Benedryl for dogs - who knew?

ryseryse_2004May 12, 2013

After multiple very expensive trips to the vet each spring for skin problems, I find out about Benedryl. Each year about this time, our lab starts scratching bumps around his head and neck to the point where everything is infected. The vet would shave him, give him a steroid shot and then some pills which I now know is a antihistimine.

Well, when it started this year, we started on Benedryl and the problem is solved! We cannot afford $200 plus for this each year and the vet knew that. Thank goodness for the internet!

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Been giving our lab benedryl for years. Baby aspirin too.

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My vet told me years go that he sees a lot of cats with bumps on their ears this time of year, and he finally researched it/narrowed it down to an allergy to tree pollen, likely oak. (I'm in New England.)

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Our dog is allergic to something outside. Not sure what but he is fine if there is snow on the ground. Our vet told me that you can also give Zyrtec, Allegra and Claritin. Dose varies by medication and weight. She sent us home with dosages for each and to try what works best.. I opted for Zyrtec and it seems to help.

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