Where are you getting Comfortis?

michael_so_flMay 4, 2012

How come I have to send my money half way around world to buy an American product cheaper? U.S vets want $90 for 6 tablets. I get it from Australia for $59 + shipping.I save $20. What's wrong with this scenario? What are we doing wrong?

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What we're doing wrong is having an FDA that allows these higher prices for us. You can get a lot of drugs from other countries much cheaper than they are here.

A friend of mine who does dog rescue gets comfortis from Australia, too, much cheaper than from even the less expensive vets here. Can you post a link to the company you're getting it from? Is it through ebay, that's where she gets it?

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http://sharlee.com.au/catalog/index.php This is my newest
suppier,I just ordered through them and have not received it yet. http://www.canadavet.com/default.aspx
this Canadavet I have ordered through them before and everything was just fine, their prices are similar.These are the same tablets made by LILLY.Dont let anyone tell you differently.

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I used to order from http://www.petsuppliesnet.com/shop.htm and they used to be out of Australia! My last order a few months back, it came from England??? So stopped ordering from them. Yes there are a lot of reputable online places that sell it for a lot cheaper, BUT there are just as many ones that sell junk!!

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I have been buying comfortis from Drs.Foster and Smith, they have really great prices and do the leg work of getting the prescription from your vet. Free shipping on rx and flea/tick products. Hard to beat really!

Here is a link that might be useful: drs foster and smith

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If you are buying from Drs Foster and Smith you are spending $30 more than you have to for the same Comfortis.

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As I stated above, their are good sites and crappy sites,lol But many people have a hard time believing a person that they can get the exact same meds from Australia//Canada for far less than you can get in the USA! No different as their are many tax loopholes for the rich,lol Here in Nicaragua I can go to the vet and buy the same heartworm pills, frontline plus for far less than I can buy them in the USA. But on 1 hand the counterfeit packaging very much resembles the real stuff, so can't blame people for doubting it.

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Airforceguy, if you're in Nicaragua, you can go to any pharmacy and get medications much cheaper there than here in the US. A lot of them won't be prescription, either.

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I get Frontline from Canada or Australia. I hope it's the real stuff.

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Yep I realize that eahamel. Only been here in Nica for half a yr thus far, but whil eback in the USA I ordered online. Never had a flea/tick problem and saved a lot of $$$$

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Drs Foster & Smith is $22 more than I pay at my vets for a 6 mo supply for my 70 pounder.
That's a HUGE diff.
I;ll check out the CAnada link. Maybe I can save some $$.

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Do you work for Dr Foster & Smith, petcrazygrl? You joined GW very recently and have promoted that same company on another thread.

We get Comfortis from the vet for our dogs, and I'm glad that ideas for getting it cheaper are being discussed here. (Flea season is us upon us!)

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Yes, I do work at Drs.Foster and Smith, However I am a pet owner and know that the products are guaranteed and come from the USA and just thought I would share the lower prices with fellow pet owners.

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I do feel safer buying a product that is made in the USA.

(btw -- I asked you the question because we have had spammers here in the past.)

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Hi Michael so fl. Did your comfortis order come in ok from Sharlee.com in Australia? I'm about to place a first order and wanted to double check with you first! Thanks. Suzanne

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Yes I did receive my order from Sharlee but it took 30 days from the time I ordered it to the day it comes.I believe canadavet.com is a little more professional in that they inform you via e-mail that the pill is due and let you know when to order. I didn't get many responses from Sharlee when I was inquiring about my order.Their prices are similar.

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Hey everyone!

I stumbled on your posts when I was looking for the site I had ordered from once before. I am always up for new money saving opportunities so I checked all the sites listed here with the exception of Fosters & Smith with I already know is high. Sharlee has some rotten reviews on one site. WOW people are MAD!! So I would not even attempt that. (One of the sites is called pissed-off consumer) Canadavet does not carry Comfortis as of today. The reason the products are higher in the US is because of the fees the FDA charges the manufacturers here. So everything sold here costs extra to cover those fees. Many of the products are made in the US then shipped to the other countries. So Australia's items don't have the FDA fees tacked on but you are getting the same product but since one product was made for sale in the US - the fees apply to those. Comfortis is one of these products. (Made here for sale in the US and overseas in different packaging) Frontline Plus is manufactured in France. There are counterfeit products out there so here is a .pdf from the EPA on how to spot them or make sure what you are getting is genuine. www.epa.gov/pesticides/factsheets/retailerfactsh.pdf I finally remembered the name of the site I had used before which was www.petsuppliesnet.com (looks wrong I know but it is correct) The shipping was around a week and 1/2 if I remember correctly. I will post an update with exact shipping time this go-round. The other awesome deal I found was on a different website but worth paying the additional shipping (they don't sell Comfortis). It is Australian as well. www.petshed.com They have a YEAR supply of generic heartgard for my size dogs (20 lbs) for $25!! I took one of my dogs in for a checkup in November and he was heartworm free after using this generic for a year. I live at a beach in NC where the fleas never die and the mosquitoes are extremely prevalent so that was a great test that the Nuheart passed! Hope this helps educate you a bit and save you some money :)

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Country Sunflower

I use Trifexis for my two dogs.. and your site, planktronic is the same price I pay at my vet, plus I get a coupon for a rebate... so making it actually less..

Trifexis is for Heartworm, fleas, whipworm, roundworm and hookworm.. so addresses a lot of issues....

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Yes about the trifexis, I was discussing it with my Vet today and as soon as I use up the rest of the comfortis I'll be using the trifexis.It combines the heartworm and flea medication in one tablet.Save you some money also.

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Hey Michael,

http://petcomfortis.com/ They offer Comfortis at great prices and no PRESCRIPTION (RX) required for purchase which that saves you a lot of money in the end. Once a month they also offer great savings and sales for all their products, fast shipping and etc. G Luck Michael =]

Here is a link that might be useful: PetComfortis

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thanks for the links, petcomfortis.com looks good- now tell me some ideas on how to get 2 finicky cats to eat that big pill-lol- I think the dogs would be much easier.

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There are numerous articles and links on where to buy comfortis, heartgard plus, frontline plus, advantix, advantage, etc on the Forums at DogSTARspace.com under Health Tips forums. http://www.DogSTARspace.com

I have purchased from several of them listed on DogSTARspace forums for the last 8 years.

Much cheaper, many times 50% less than buying here.

Shipping is only $3-$5 but takes about 14 days to get here. So order early if you need it.

The FDA and the AMVA doubles up the price here to gauge pet owners in the name of profits for Big Pet Pharma pharmaceutical corporations.

What to do, buy elsewhere while you can. Buy more than you need, just incase something happens and they don't allow you to buy elsewhere.

If you have extra, and don't need it, can sell it on Craigslist.org or at any local Dog Walking Club, Dog Agility Club, Dog Hiking Club, Dog Sports Club, etc.

Also, DogSTARspace.com has numerous Holistic remedy tips that are cheaper and work too. That has saved me lots in preventative care.

Hope this helps.

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I just ordered Comfortis from a company in Canada. The packaging looks correct, but it's not working at all. Are fleas becoming resistant to Comfortis? Or do you guys think I've been scammed.

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Dowlingk, please tell me it wasn't canadavetcare.com?!?!? I just ordered from there and read in some of the above posts that it was a good place. I have 3 big dogs and live in Florida and have been battling this flea problem for almost a month now!! Used some of my moms comfortis and it worked, now I've gotta get my garage free if the lil buggers!!

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Let us not start blaming the Canadians or the Aussies for they have saved us lots of money. If you have a flea problem in the house Comfortis is not going to solve that problem. You must have a clean environment also.

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Excuse me?? A clean environment?!?! Who are u to tell me that I need to clean my house to rid myself of these pests? My home is clean, and just because one may have a flea problem in their home does not constitute a dirty home, thank you very much. The fleas began on my dogs from outside, and were transferred inside and during my current month long battle against them they had converged in my garage by my washer and dryer. I have now bombed my house twice in 3 days and have sprinkled borax on my carpets while giving my dogs comfortis to try and prevent them from getting them again. And no where did I blame the Canadians or Aussies. I have ordered from online pet pharmacy's for many years and they have saved me alot of money. I was just asking which Canadian co they were referring to

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calm yourself down Missy, first you were questioning the Canadian pharmacy! If you still have fleas in the house after all the insecticide you have used then you have NOT gotten rid of them. I didn't mean your house was dirty but you do have a flea INFESTATION!!!

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I will never use Pets of Oz ever again for anything. i ordered Comfortis from this Australian company and yet the package arrived from the UK. You need a prescription in the UK. I used the comfortis on both my large and small dog and it never worked. They still itched, and scratched and got flea bites. I payed paypal and it was via yahoo shopping with PetsofOz so i only had a certain window to file for a refund via paypal and PetsofOz only accepted refunds within 30 days. And with flea meds, you usually need more than one month to figure out if it is working or not. Scam.

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Fyi, previously I had gotten my Comfortis from my vet. It worked that time.

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hmm animalkookies - I am having the same feeling about the Revolution I got from online- wonder if its as strong as the usa kind. Says made by Pfizer.

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For those in the US with smaller dogs and feel safer buying from their vet - buy the dosage that is double what you need and break them in half with a pill splitter. My vet allows me to do this. Much cheaper this way as a box lasts a year vs. only six months. You won't have to wait for shipping or worry you may be purchasing a counterfeit product. Manufacturer still gets their $$ as well, vs. losing out to a counterfeit manufacturer. :-)

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I was reading this and noticed that it was posted Pets Of Oz is an Australian company. The parent company is called Pets Of Australia and is supposedly based here in Australia. Pets Of Australia/Pets Of Oz have many complaints against them. Unhappy customers state if you buy from Pets Of Australia your payment goes to Pets Of Oz, which is strange as POA is the parent company, and one site is in AU dollars while the other is in US dollars. Just be careful with this one! I decided to use My Pet Warehouse instead, great prices and posted same day, unfortunately I dont think they post overseas, sorry.

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