birdbrains conversing

lazypupOctober 11, 2010

While on an outing to a local wild game farm last week my girlfriend captured a shot of me talking to an Ostrich.

She has since titled the pic..."BIRDBRAINS CONVERSING" and hung an 8x10 in our living room.....LOL

I thought I would share the pic with everyone....

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Nice pic!

Did he have anything good to say?


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You two must be discussing camera settings :) Looks like ample photo opportunities there.

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Hilarious-Looks like good communication going on, ha ha!!!

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Actually I found the Ostriches to be quite interesting. Although they are a voiceless creature, they do produce a rather ominous sound by hissing loudly, then quickly opening their beaks wide and snapping them shut, producing a sound that sounds like two flat boards being slapped together. When I first approached the cage that bird rapidly made those slapping sounds as if to warn me off, but after standing quietly for a few moments the bird calmed down and moved closer to the wire.

awm03- You are correct, there was a lot of photo opportunity there, but due to the design and construction of the enclosures photographing the animals proved to be quite challenging. Some of the small animals were in cages where the wire only extending up about 5ft so I was able to shoot over the top of the fence but for the larger animals and especially birds which could fly over a fence, the fencing extended up about 12 feet and covered over the top.

In the case of animals that might bite a finger they built the enclosures with 4x4 posts with the wire on both sides so finger cannot extend into the enclosure.

I am attaching a picture of a Great Horned Owl that was in one of the enclosures with the double fencing. In order to get the shot I used a 100-300mm f4.5 zoom set at 100mm and set the camera to AP MODE (aperture priority) so I could manually fully open the aperture to minimize depth of field. I then shot through the openings in the wire as best I could with the lens focused on the bird. In this manner the minimum depth of field helped negate the wire in the foreground.

If you look close at the photo you can see the effects of the wire, even though it is out of focus enough that it doesn't obscure the subject.

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