converting aps film to pc

chillowayOctober 26, 2008

Hi - I've never posted here before so if I am in the wrong place - please send me to where I might get some help. My daughter has just taken up scrapbooking and is looking to convert her old shots to her PC so she can print them out. However, she has no negatives. Only the APS film cartridge that was used by her old 35mm camera. Apparently, after the film was developed, it was returned in this small round cartridge for her to keep. Is there any new machine or manner of getting them digital without having to reprint thousands of old shots again? Thank you for your help. Debbie.

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Take it Costco(or similar) and have them put the photos on to a disc, costs around $5. We've done it with APS, slides, and negatives.

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Thanks, I never thought of that. Unfortunately, it will still cost her a fortune. Thanks again, Debbie,

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