CD storage for photos

pfmastinOctober 7, 2007

Someone told me recently that storing digital photos on regular CD's is not reliable for long periods of time....that the images degrade and can become unreadable. At the camera store, I saw a "gold" CD that says it will store photos reliably for 30 years (wonder how they know that?). Has anyone used this "gold" CD and what are your thoughts? Are there better ways to store digital images other than a separate internal hard drive or paying for online storage? Thanks in advance.


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Ive heard the same thing about CD's. And I too doubt that those Gold CD's were first produced in 1977 so they could begin testing....

I usually back up my full size images onto an external HD (they are VERY affordable now, and some can hold up to 500GB), and then resize them and keep my smaller ones on my internal HD

It really is a fear of mine to have all the pics I have taken get wiped out...

I would look into the external HD...

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From what I've read, the external hard drives are much more likely to fail than the CD's. I asked that question on the computer forum a few weeks ago. I have mine backed up on more than one set of CD's and periodically I copy the copies onto new CD's. I always buy name brand disks and not the generic cheapies.

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I used to put mine on cd's, until I got a DVD burner. Don't know if they will last any longer than CD's, but I put them on DVD's (and keep them in our safety deposit bos at the bank) and also on an external hard drive here at home.

I think cd's will last longer than a hard drive.

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