update: tapmaster as childproofing for instahot

mmhmmgoodMarch 6, 2012

It's been a long time since I originally posted this idea and I wasn't sure if it would work or not - I linked the original post below. We're finally nearing the end of our project, with some small details (like installing the appliances ...) still to be finished. I'm just posting to update anyone who might be interested that my plumber successfully installed the tapmaster on my insinkerater instahot system, and it has been working like a dream!

I have the HC Wave from insinkerator for both near boiling and cold (not chilled) drinking water. Water will only flow from the drinking water faucet (boiling or cold) if you have the tapmaster turned on. That means to get the near boiling water is a two step process: turn on the tapmaster with your foot, then turn on the faucet with your hand. Just as a reminder, the instahot tap cannot be left in the "on" position like a regular faucet, so you don't really have to worry about boiling water streaming out if you accidentally turn the tapmaster on below.

And so I have less worry about my children (1 and 3) scalding themselves while playing at my cleanup sink while I work away in the kitchen since I can just quickly check that the tapmaster is off before I leave them to play there. And in a few years when I know they have learned about the boiling water tap I can remove this little childproofing system and l put the tapmaster onto my main sink!

Here is a link that might be useful: original post: tapmaster as childproofing for instahot

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What a great idea to childproof the instant hot.

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I missed your original thread, but I have a similar drinking water setup as you without the tapmaster. There's something I've noticed that hasn't been mentioned, at least I don't remember seeing it. The instahot has to vent through drinking faucet. Occasionally the drinking faucet will hiss or gurgle a little as the instahot tank is releasing pressure. Will the Tapmaster installation you have prevent this kind of venting? If not, it might lessen the life of the system. I know I could probably turn mine down to never have any venting, but then it wouldn't be hot enough. Just something to consider in case it matters.

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the open to air venting is still present no matter how many additional valves are placed in the pipe leading to the tank. Open to air venting means that the water in the pipe (or tube) between the tank and the faucet is not pressurized water. Regular faucets are the opposite: they have a valve at the end of the pipe, so pressurized water is in the pipe leading to the faucet.

Instant scalding hot tanks are always set up differently. Look at the PDFs and you will see lots of pipes or tubes going back and forth. An IHW faucet valve sends water into the IHW tank which then pushes boiling hot water out of the tank, by displacement. So, schematically, it's a valve in the pipe going to the tank, not a valve at the end of the line.

It's one of the reasons why these faucets are special and different.

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Mine still hisses and gurgles, the tap master is actually installed on the inflow side, not the outflow side. Somehow it still works, but it does hiss and gurgle.

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Ah, that makes sense. You shouldn't have any issues. Looks like a fine solution.

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