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carla17May 26, 2009

Did your dog pant, scratch, and lay around thumping while he/she scratched? There is a couple testimonials on the Wellness site that sound like the symptoms that our dogs have/had. I'm going crazy. Oh, did you find any relief in any drugs for the dog? The only thing that seems to work is Benadryl plus nerve pill. :-(

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Thumping? Not sure what you mean, unless it's when they are scratching so intently that their leg hits the floor and makes a thump. If so, yes. Sometimes the scratching would exhaust her. Scratching and panting for quite awhile, then she'd stop and make a sort of sigh/huff noise, as if to say "I'M SO TIRED OF SCRATCHING!!!!.

The only drug I used was a steroid, which I didn't like because of the long term effects it would have. Instead of focusing on a drug to help her, I stumbled across the raw diet, probably while searching for "itchy dog". I read a lot, then took the plunge. It really was pretty miraculous. What I find interesting is that she had inhalant allergies or possibly and allergy to grass as best as my vet could tell. She did not itch during the winter. Switching her to a raw diet, IMO, brought her health and immune system to where it should be, and she was no longer succeptible to the allergen, whatever it was. This is just my opinion. But if it was her previous food, she would have been itchy year round, thus my theory.

As mentioned, I would try a grain free food and see how it goes. Give it a month or two. During that time, consider a raw diet. It's definitely scary to think about, feeding your dog raw meat and bones, but once you get into it, it's not hard at all and they just thrive on it. I got an adult rescue dog in July 2007, and switched her immediately. She didn't know what the heck to think when I put that first bowl of chicken necks in front of her, but by meal #2 she was dancing for her bowl.

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Thank you for the stories and experiences. I have a dentist that feeds his Newfoundland, I think, raw. It does sound a bit scary but I'm sure it's fine.
I agree that allergies are much worse in warmer months. Plus, fleas are a threat too but I'm using flea meds on him; I couldn't deal with fleas on top of everything else.


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