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loagiehoagieMay 1, 2011

Hi all! One of my clients has 2 yorkies, brother and sister. The girl has doubled her weight in the last 6 months from 3 lbs to almost 6 lbs. We had her checked at my vet's office along with the yearly shots etc. and had her thyroid levels checked which was expensive ($160) and came back normal. She eats very little and my vet didn't have any ideas.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.


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You didn't mention the age of the dogs in question. There will be variation in size depending on the genetic makeup and sibling dogs don't necessarily look anymore alike than sibling humans. I'm 5'8", light blonde and slender. My sister is 5'1", with black hair and dark complection and on the heavy side. Yes, we have the same parents. Nearly six pounds is a very normal weight for a Yorkie approaching maturity and many go over that. Some tiny ones are half that weight. Are you sure you have a problem?

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Thanks for your response. Both of the Yorkies are 5 years of age and it just seems to have one gain so much at a short period of time seems abnormal. Perhaps there is nothing to be worried about but I thought I would throw out the question anyway. Thanks again!


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Sounds like someone is getting food elsewhere.

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