Mini meltdown

sparklepMarch 24, 2013

I am having a mini meltdown. My slate tile was installed this week, and the installer was not only a complete slob leaving his trash all over and slopping dirty water and grout on my brand new cabinets, he didn't do a great job. I have some pretty bad lippage and some bad grout lines. So I have to try and wrangle him back out to fix this.

Today my appliances were delivered. My fridge is 33.75" wide and the opening is 34". Are you kidding me? When the cabinet folks came out to do a final measurement I asked them to change the space for the fridge because they had planned 38" and I asked them to make it a little smaller since my fridge was a bit smaller. I wrote down the dimensions of my fridge, but I never saw another set of plans, and since at the time he said sure we just need to add 2" to that so you have enough room, I didn't think much of it.

I'm freaking out and of course I can't get ahold of anyone at midnight when all of this dawns on me.

6 weeks without a kitchen. The demo went so smoothly and now almost everything else seems to be rife with difficulty. It will all be fine in the end, I know this, but this is uber stressful and I just needed to vent.

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Hi sparklep, if it makes you feel better im having a mini meltdown over cabinet pulls. I may just have a heart attack once demo starts.

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Why wasn't the tiling done before the cabinets were installed? I would think that would be standard operating procedure to avoid the issues that have come up. Can the cabinets not be cleaned?

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Cabinets cleaned up just fine. Just annoyed with the sloppiness of the installer. Tile didn't go over the whole floor, and that was never discussed.

Quite honestly the tile is the least of my concern now that there isn't enough space for the fridge. Off to start trying to make phone calls.

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I think you are overreacting on the width of the refrigerator opening. It fits, as you point out. If it was any wider, I think you would be complaining about seeing gaps down the sides and seeing all of that dirt and dust bunnies.

Not sure where your tile is. Is it backsplash? Counter? Floor? I agree that if it was floor, that it should have been done first, before cabinetry. Though this is a long standing debate amongst us in the remodeling industry. IMO, floors first, then cabinets, then counter, then backsplash. Otherwise, you have lipping and height problems with dishwashers and stoves and sometimes refrigerators.

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I just needed to vent. This is the first time I've done a remodel, and it's stressful. I have lucked out with my contractor being very tidy and considerate. It was just frustrating to have a very sloppy workman and to spend hours cleaning up with him.

My fridge is an issue. It's against a wall. I don't have enough room to open the door fully to access the veggie/fruit drawers.

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Our cabinets went in first, then tile under the DW, fridge, and stove.

It surprises me that the cabinet people would change something on your floor plan and not have you sign off. When we placed our kitchen order after months of modifying the drawings, we went through every page and initialed it. I looked at every measurement more than once. You would think they'd want that protection for the buyer and themselves.

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Show us a photo of the space. Maybe there is a work-around to solve the fridge problem.

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Not sure these pictures help, but the fridge is at the end of my galley kitchen. One option seems to be to shift my cabinets down a couple of inches since there is still a little bit of space a the end. I just need to be patient. I know it can be fixed, but it's a shock and tough having to wait out the weekend to figure out the fix.

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Ahh...well, now that makes sense. You didn't mention that it was up against a wall. That looks pretty tight there. Unfortunately, about the only way you are going to change that is either narrow the two cabinets to the left or change out your refrigerator. Neither is that great of an option.

Is there a way to move the whole kitchen layout to the left? It looks like you have room to go about 2 or 3 inches before getting to the end of the wall. Then again, I assume the tops have been templated as well? Sorry for your troubles, you are correct to be stressed. Not a very thought out design, but it does look really small for a kitchen, those are the toughest ones.

Cabinets CAN go in fist, but should be elevated to the approx. height of 3/4" to adjust for the heights of your appliances. It is a great idea ONLY IF you foresee adding this padding. It doesn't necessarily mean that your appliances WON'T fit, just taking a decent chance that things will not fit under the counters. The worst is usually the dishwasher.

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Oh dear, I feel your pain. It can get your down.
It's a lot of disruption and a lot of money. I hope it gets worked out for you.

Just out of curiosity, could the fridge be moved to another location? What is in the center wall that it dead ends to? I have seen people put their fridge dead straight ahead at the end recessed into the wall. If there is nothing behind it or it is a closet or something maybe you could do that? Then you could fill in your space with pantry doors or something like that. I realize that's a long shot....

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Most fridges give you the option of the door opening from the right or left. All you have to do is to have the hinge on the left and the handle on the right, and have the door open into the kitchen, and not into the wall. If you can do that, your problem is solved. Find your fridge on the net and check the specs for it!

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This is my first experience with remodeling and it's just the shock of it all. I don't know how some of y'all have gone through more than one remodel. I'm already thinking I will never do this again even though my bathroom needs work too!!

The doors were on the left side of the old fridge when I moved in. I lasted a week before switching them. It was awful and you couldn't hardly stand in front of the fridge to open the door because it's a tight space.

I think everything can shift down. I do have about 2 inches at the far end of the wall, and I think that would make enough room for the fridge. Or since this is the cabinet maker's mistake, he can make me 2 new cabinets. There's really not another place for the fridge. It's a small galley kitchen and just not a lot of options for where the appliances go.

On the plus side at least the appliances were delivered before the countertops and there was one more thing to deal with!!

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Oh dear! I have a small studio kitchen and my new fridge after reno, will be at the end and next to the wall. I was just going to have it open into the kitchen with the hinge on the left side. I didn't think the door would be a problem that way. How is it tighter standing in front though with it opening into the kitchen? My door will only be 24" wide so it might not be as much of an issue. I don't have room for any other way. I think it needs to open more than 2" from being at right angles though to pull the bins out.

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Blondelle, the fridge is pretty much full size, so to open from the left, I had to stand flush agains the cabinets behind me. Plus then it was hard to set anything on a counter because the door was blocking the access. The width of the door is more like 30" or so. It should be better with a smaller door. The specs should tell you how much room you need with the door open.

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Thanks sparklep. I have nothing behind me standing in front of the fridge as it's a "U" shaped kitchen. I never thought about the door blocking access but it's a good point. I might have almost 2" between the fridge and the wall. I will have to see what's left after it's built to decide what to do. I might not have a choice but it shouldn't be too bad. I will have more counter space this way to console me. Haven't even picked the fridge yet but I am getting a counter depth, 24" wide one.

Would it be easier to remove the drawers if you removed the bottom door shelf first?

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Sounds like a good plan to wait and see after everything is done so you'll know what size fridge you can fit in there. Small spaces are fun!

It doesn't show on the picture very well, but the veggie drawer is actually hitting the edge of the door, not just the shelf in the door. I'll find out tomorrow what kind of solution(s) there are!

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