Leaving a Chihuahua with Anxiety

shaunMay 2, 2009

I have a 4 yr old male Chihuahua. I got him when he was 12 weeks old and I was his 3rd owner.

This little guy has issues with anxiety. I guess I would too if I had 3 owners.

Lately, he has been the perfect dog. I'd say for the past month he has not pee'd or pooped inside the house. He's telling us that he wants to go out by clacking his leash which hangs on the door knob. Excellent!

Here's my question -

My husband and I are going on a cruise for a week on May 18th. I've arranged for a friend of mine who boards dogs for a living, to keep my dog for that week at her home.

Is this going to freak him out being away from home; will he think I've abandoned him? He's doing so well with the potty issues we've been having and now I'm going to leave him for a week.

Any suggestions? Send a shirt I've worn with him? His toy, what else?

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All those things might help and definately won't hurt.

Dogs have short memories as far as past bad experiences. he may have withdrawal problems, but should return to normal quickly after you get back----as long as you do not feel sorry for him and inject human feelings---which, of course, dogs cannot understand. They simply understand you are different and that causes them to respond differently.

Example---we rescued a whippet mix---in the pound, she was the most abject, miserable looking/acting dog I have seen in a very long time. But, our male---for whom she was to be a companion liked her----so home she came. It took us months to get her self esteem raised---and then we left for a weekend. We had the wife's sister(who Molly loves) come take care of the dogs---Molly had a relapse. Her house training disappeared, she would not go outside---my SIL was frantic.

Two days after we returned, Molly was back to normal---no after effects at all.

The SIL treated Molly like she was in mourning since we left---so the dog responded by doing that exact same thing.

So, the folks at the bording facility understand the problems that can arise and are probably competent at handling situations---and being a friend, she will probably do extra.

Go---have fun. Don't worry about the dog. And be glad to be reunited, but do not feel guilty when you coame back..

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My old bully used to get mad at me when I left her. It was kind of cute. She would see me come back and kiss me for a second....and then she would walk away and ignore for a bit...before a couple hours were up though ...things were back to normal.

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Phew!!! You removed all guilt from my heart. Thank you very much.

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Go on your trip. No anxieties. Your dog might be
upset for a day or two. In fact of all dogs he is
more likely to adjust to a sitter experience while
you are away. Just because he has had a few owners
does not mean he will loose it. He is going to trust
you because you will come back to give him a huge hug.

I sure hope this is not your last wonderful trip away.
Pretty soon he will be so laid back about Mom's vacations
he will enjoy going to the Sitter's place. More treats,
toys, excitement..... Your guilt is about his difficult
life before he met you. No guilt! You are giving him
the best life he could ever have.

Now it is time to be good to yourself. Your turn!
Go and have fun!

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Well you guys were right!

We're back and he's fine. It's like we never left him.


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Told ya so :-) Glad to hear everything worked out alright. We're going on vacation soon too and are leaving our baby with a friend who she knows. Before we leave though we are taking her over there for a visit more to put my mind at ease than her :-)

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Have a nice vacation Trinigemini!! Hope your baby girl does ok.

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Thanks shaun...vacations are usually nice and not so nice...I always end up missing my dog and wanting to come home...no matter where I am....I really wish there was some affordable, reasonable way to take her with me. I refuse to put her in cargo...she is not luggage....and I travel to different countries....we thought about the pet passport but that still does not solve the problem of HOW she would travel....there is a new pet airlines out there but for their prices I could charter my own plane :-) Don't get me wrong I enjoy my vacations...but I miss my little mush face....no matter who I leave her with...I know she will be well cared for and have fun...I've already been warned she will be a spoiled dog when I get her back :-)

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When I have to leave my dog, I always leave one of my t-shirts or night shirt with him, so my smell is still with him and I leave my anxirty oil. I try to get someone to stay with him, but if I cant, I make a few visits to my friends house with him so he is familar with the surroundings. At home he gets anxiety when company comes too sometimes.This oil, from Hailey's Dragonfly garden is awesome. Its all 100% natural and I only use a few drops on his ear tips and chest(like underarm area.)

Here is a link that might be useful: anxiety oil for dogs

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