Fall...seven pictures...

joan_mnOctober 15, 2009

with the awful weather we've had, this might be all I get! But I sure hope not.

I'm sure the sun will come out...if not tomorrow, some day!

Early autumn morning, from our yard.

Birch tree leaves, moon, from our yard.

Forest floor, twice.

Looking up at some color.

Outhouse, in Chengwatana State Forest Campground.

Road in Chengwatana Campground.

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Great shots! We had a dusting of snow today. Central Pa. had 2 to 4 inches. This is way early. Another month of fall should not be too much to ask for.

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Hope it's OK - I set the maple leaf with ferns picture as my desktop. We don't get many fall leaf picture opportunities in Orlando!


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Great photos, joan_mn...I love the light on the yellow foliage.

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Kate, absolutely it's ok. Thanks, everyone!

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Very nice Joan!.
Here we didn't get much fall color, the cold came and stayed for about 2 weeks, leaves never had the chance
to turn a nice fall color, kind of dry froze on the trees.


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