Sony Cyber Shot f717

tomhoffmanOctober 18, 2008

I have had the Sony F717 for about 6 years, just love the camera. It has preformed flawlessley and takes supberb pictures.

Now the rub. Recently I went to use it and it was dead. Thought the battery was down, so I hooked it up to charge. No charge light indicator came on. I left it over night and went to use it and still dead. I ordered a new battery, got it and installed it. It's still dead, will not turn on.

I called Sony, they will fix it for a flat service fee of $245. Seems rather extereme for a 6 year old camera. They would do what ever it takes and ship back.

I asked if there was any camera service shops close to where I live. Yup, WalMart, Staples, & Best Buy. Duh...

they don't have any one in them to fix anything. Just want you to buy new.


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This guy seems honest and dependable. He's been around fixing Sonys for years.
Look down on the bottom where it says "Mavica Repairs by MIE member". His name is Tim.
Good luck! Oh, it's called Mavica cause Sony used to have a line of digital cams with that name (in case you don't go back that far).

Here is a link that might be useful: Sony Mavica site

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Thank you Joan. I found a local camera of long established history, who has the camera now and is doing a diagnostic on it for $20.00 will let me know what the problem is before I have to commit. Once I know, I will call time and see if he is reasonable or I should just dump the camera. Hate to do that as it is a great camera.


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I sure liked mine.

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Well, so far nothing going on the camera, I emailed the guy on the site, no reply. I found a site that has all the parts neccessary for the camera, I have a friend who was in arial photography during the View Nam War. He has the camera apart now and had tenatively diagnosed the problems as a bad power board. Part costs $82.00 from His cost is zero. Much more reasonable. Now just have to hope that it is the only problem part. The site has 100's of parts for the camera, luckily they are all labled in the camera. We will see.

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Good luck!

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