great dane zoomies

NinapearlMay 25, 2012

i have been working outside every day. it's hot here. VERY hot. the danes rarely come outside. they are such good kids, they don't get into any trouble. i can leave them alone for endless hours and they are just find. in fact, this is how i find them every time i come in to get a cold drink...

bentley, holding down his chair...

pea, the sweetest dog on the planet, using one of her stuffies for a pillow...

all of that changed yesterday. i came in after mowing for a few hours to find 2 danes laying in front of the big floor fan, panting as if they had run a marathon.

apparently, they did. throughout the house. it seems they did their spins at warp speed. in my bedroom. because, this is NOT how i left it when i went outside!

**rolls eyes** LOL

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Fori is not pleased

Poor things! They're all worn out!

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Oh how sweet! Got to love it!!

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

Thing One and Thing Two! All pooped out! :)


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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Too bad you missed all the actions!! LOL too funny!!!

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No they said they wanted everything on the floor.

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