Blue Burmese Cat

carmen_grower_2007May 24, 2009

Anyone have personal info about this breed or a picture? The little cat that was found in my compost pile a few months ago looks and acts like what I have read. (Rather exotic looking and all silver).

It really doesn't matter since she isn't registered but I think she must have some of this in her.

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Jezzie and Spottie, purebred Blue Burmese, were two of the best kitties ever.

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I ended up with a cat from my nephew. It was a baby of a "outdoor" cat. Not totally sure of her history. She looks blueish in certain light, but usually gray/silver but has slight tabby markings but can hardly see them except on face. Her coloring is the same as susans cats. Her fur is extremely soft medium length and doesn't mat. Her fur is almost like a persian I once had that had what was called "cotton candy" texture and matted horribly. Maybe she has some Blue Burmese in her? Susan does yours have really fluffy/fine/soft rather than silky coats?

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