Concerned re: bath after flea/tick meds

teachblsMay 23, 2012

Hi, all -

Our 9 month old lab/shep mix has had extreme diarrhea & several bouts of nausea over the course of last two days. Horrified to return home yesterday to find her in her crate with a huge mess of both...anyway, with no choice but to give her a bath right away, I am worried now about this month's application of advantix II. Applied it on the 19th (Saturday) - bath on Tuesday (22nd). Concerned now that she is not protected against ticks - particularly as we will be spending Memorial Day on Cape Cod, which is loaded with ticks this year. Would so appreciate the input of experienced dog owners - we are new to all of this, as we've only had her for four weeks!


Robin & Ginger

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Bathe your dog. Usually 24 hours after application is all you need before bathing after use of Advantix.

You 'are' going to take her to the vet asap after 2 days of nausea and diarrhea, right?? I would be more worried about her illness than losing the affects of Advantix.

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One other thing: Are you sure your dog didn't ingest any of the product? Was she able to lick the area where you applied it?

Here's info on Advantix:
Advantix really should be placed between the shoulder blades as well as at the base of the neck of the canine friend. This is so for the reason that the dog cannot lick it off. Ingestion of this product may possibly trigger a pet dog to have diarrhea as it may well irritate the digestive system. If a canine does ingest some, it�s crucial to reach a animal medical practitioner instantaneously and presumably contact poison control.

Vomiting may come about because of ingestion and the exact same instruction would apply. It�s crucial to keep in mind that a dog that is vomiting or even experiencing severe diarrhea will dehydrate quite rapidly, so immediate action is necessary if swallowing is suspected.

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Thanks so much for the responses - Annz, your question has me very worried, because of course it is a possibility that she ingested some of the advantix. We did apply per the instructions, though, which had us place several dots along her spine (shoulder blades to tail bone). I will give the vet a call to see if they share the concern. I was in touch with them right away yesterday when I arrived to see her in such a state, and they offered some suggestions as to how we might care for her at home ( feed her a small portion of white rice and boiled ground beef, etc.)

The good news is that she hasn't had a bout of diarrhea since 3 this am, and was happy enough to take a long hike today. I did stay home from work with the worry that she might have a repeat of yesterday's experience, or continue to seem unwell. So far, so good, though - so I am hopeful the worst is behind us.

Coincidentally, we had a vet appt for a lyme booster the afternoon these symptoms began (vomiting prior to appt, so no connection to vaccine), and a fecal sample submitted then was negative for parasites.

Thanks again for the response - I will be sure to follow-up with the vet!


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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I'm glad she's better and that you are taking such good care of her!

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I'm surprised the instructions say to apply down the spine of the pet since Bayer's MSDS states it is toxic when ingested. Next time, I'd suggest you apply the med at the base of the neck and no lower along the back than between the shoulder blades. It's very possible your dog had a case of poisoning from the Advantix since she could easily lick her back.
The MSDS has skin irritation listed as one of the side effects, which would make a dog more prone to lick the area the Advantix was applied.

So glad to hear she's feeling better!

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We will most certainly just apply between her shoulder blades next month; had been feeling anxious enough about using something so toxic, really don't want to take any chances going forward! And yes, she does appear to be quite a "licker", so it seems entirely possible that she did ingest some of this stuff :(.

Thanks for the input and encouragement!


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