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doris_mi5October 7, 2007

I have house plants that I set outdoors during the summer but it's time to bring them in and I have a momma and baby frog living in the pots. How can I do this?

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Hmm, other than catch them while they're out, that would be tough.

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He's/She's cute...I would probably prod at the pot to make sure they aren't there...then put them somewhere whereever you have best for them to be comfortable at least in our heat)...When the kids or whoever is mowing and happens to find...I usually say to put in the garden where it's thick and heaveier...I believe they'll either leave or go to find a home...I like 'em around cos they're suppose to help with controlling the bad creepers that hang around your garden...I really don't know if they do hang around though!


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