I want to rescue a kitty

michelle_phxazMay 9, 2011

I have three healthy cats already at home, but in the parking lot at my work there is a cat that looks like he was tossed from a moving car (the lot is right next to the highway). He has what looks like road rash on his head behind his ear, and in the last week it has healed some but it needs to be looked at.

He is the sweetest, friendliest kitty, he comes right up to you and lets you pet him and let me examine his wounds, so he seems domesticated. He gets fed by several employees, so he is being well fed. The problem is I don't want to just bring him home without knowing if he has FIV or other diseases that can infect my cats. If he is good to go, I will end up keeping him.

There will be a MASH unit (mobile animal hospital) that does spaying and neutering and will give him all his shots, take care of his wound and test for feline diseases at a discounted charge, I cannot afford to take him to my vet for all of that, but the MASH unit won't be here until 5/19, another 10 days away.

I have a room at home he can be in by himself until then, but is that safe enough for my cats, not being allowed contact but having him in the house? I want to get him out of the parking lot ASAP, I know he wants to be loved and know he isn't feral.

Please let me know what the best thing to do is. My cats obviously come first and I can't risk infecting them by bringing him home, but I don't know how feline diseases are contracted.

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i can't give you any advice (although i am sure others will chime in very soon) but i just wanted to say thanks for rescuing this little guy. he is SO lucky to have found you!!

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I'd think it would be safe;
more direct contact is required for most diseases to spread.

Bless you for taking in this little one.

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Last year I had a similar situation with a stray. I kept him quaranteened in my daughters room until I could get him into the vet. It was several days and everyone in the house was fine. Maybe you could call your vets office and explain the $ situation, and why you are using the MASH unit. I am sure they will be happy to tell you if anything is passed airborne. Or maybe you could call your local shelter and asked about airborne transmission.
Poor guy is lucky you found him before anything else happens. Thank you for saving him!!!

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I believe distemper is airborne(?), and URI's are by nature as well, but a lot of the biggies seem to require direct contact. I would bring him inside asap (if he's healthy/uninfected with anything now, you want to keep him that way). This way he will be safe.

Maybe you could bring him to your vet just to run a titer test for distemper, rabies.... (and explain the situation like homebodymom suggests), and then keep him quarantined in your home until he can be fully checked out by the MASH unit.

It's a wonderful thing that you plan to do!

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When we got our last cat, I kept the kitten in a closed bedroom until I could get to the vet. When I called the vets for the appt, they said that wouldn't prevent my other cat from contracting things. I believe FIP is very hard to get out of a house once its in there, not sure about feleuk, etc.

Good luck & bless you for caring for an abandoned cat. We TNR'd a feral cat years ago & I could never bring her in due to other cats in the house, she is now 6+ yrs old, & doing great.

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I think sequestered him in a spare room should work. Thanks for saving this little sweetie.

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There is always a risk when bringing a new cat into your home. Upper respiratory infections like calicivirus are airborne and can spread like wildfire, even with confinement. We have rescued several cats. The last time, all our cats got a very bad upper respiratory infection and all had to have antibiotics, even though the rescue cat was constantly confined. That was expensive. The vet said confinement was no help to an airborne virus. The other times we only had to deal with ear mites and fleas. I'm not saying to leave the cat in the parking lot. Local rescue groups might help or have advice. A local group once loaned us a 2 story wire cat condo for a few weeks. I just wish we'd set it up in the basement instead.

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My husband used to work with pets, and I was always concerned about the possibility of spreading infections and diseases to our own pets. Most of the time, if you keep the stray confined your other cats should be OK. Make sure you thoroughly wash your hands and any area you may have touched the cat with before handling your own cats. I would think its better to bring the stray indoors if you can. Once he has been checked out, if there were any problems that were potentially contagious, then I would get your other pets checked right away.

Hoping the best for you, and I think its wonderful that you are giving this poor guy a wonderful new home!!!

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