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caliroseOctober 6, 2008

I need to buy a camera with at least 8 mp, and good lens to photograph my paintings. I want to be able to make enlargements. My budget is 200 so I am hoping to find a good camera on sale. Kodak recomends 10mp and 3x zoom for a 30x40". Canon offers 4 models for 11x17 and larger (but doesn't say how much larger) A. a 8mp w/3x and B & C. 10 mp w/3x and D. 10mp w/5x. The powershot SX110 IS at $250 is 9MP and 10x, states enlarge as much as your vision wants.

I do want IS -stabilization. All above have that. I have also read Steve's digicam site.

My Olympus D380 at 2 MP is old but still takes good quality pics - but not good for enlargements.

Any suggestions on brand, quality of cameras?


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thanks -

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Canon A720 IS is a great 8mp P&S. It is highly recommended on DP review site. Read the review here:

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I have the Canon A720 IS and like it very much. The only complaint that I have is the battery compartment is hard to open and close. I bought it online for $169 back in the spring, so you should be able to find it for less.

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I have the Canon 1100 IS. LOVE it! And it has IS and is under $200.00...less and less under it every day!

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