Kitten with closed eye

carmen_grower_2007May 27, 2010

The litter of four kittens have had their eyes open for 6 days now, but one has only one eye open. My husband thinks they all had their eyes open and maybe this one got scratched, but if they were all open, it was only for a day or two.

Any suggestions? A vet is out of the question right now --- 2 hr. round trip -- kitten can't be separated from mom for that long.

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Can you ring the vet and ask her? Naturally they'll want to see the kitten but at least can advise on how to make the baby more comfortable. IF you have to go in you'll have to haul the entire litter along. Fun. Good luck with the little one! I hope it's okay.

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You might gently dab at the eye with a damp washcloth;
there might be a little congestion (eye buggers) sealing the eye.

I wish you the best.

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With kittens that young, you pack up the whole family for vet visits. A large cat carrier or a laundry basket works well. Bring several blankets because there will be pee and poop. I hope the kitten is OK.

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Thanks, Sylvia! The easy answers are sometimes too easy to think of. A wet warm washcloth worked at least so we could see the eye open slightly and the little eyeball. Will do it several times a day till it is fully opened. I think it was a scratch after all.

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Today, all eight eyes are open and alert ---- they are starting to move around more and this sure is fun!!! (3 weeks old now)

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