Finished 1930 Spanish Kitchen - photos

yesdearMarch 30, 2009

Hi everyone...

DW and I promised last fall to update with photos once we were complete. We're 99.9% there, so here we go! (I tried posting on the Gallery section with modest success.)

Range - CornuFe in basic black.

Frig - Liebherr 60" built-in.

DW - Miele Optima with panel front.

Cabinets - locally made face-frame of birch with inset panel & bead detail on doors, melamine interiors, Blumotion hinges and all the internal bells & whistles.

Countertops - Brazilian Black soapstone with radiused corners and eased edge. Runnels by the sink. Mahogany top on the beadboard hutch.

Sinks - Rohl Shaws Original 30" apron and 15" undermount prep with ISE Evolution disposers.

Faucets - Kohler Vinnata (K-690, K-691)in brushed nickel.

Cab hardware - "Duluth" 6" pulls and 1.25" knobs in brushed nickel from Restoration Hardware.

Appliance pulls - Top Knobs 12" pulls in BN. The DW has one mounted horizontally--also serves as towel rack!

Floors - Original 1930 tongue-in-groove fir, sanded, repaired and refinished after removing 2 layers of linoleum.

Windows - Custom arched 3-lite pull casement, based on a ~1930 design I saw in the neighborhood.

Lighting - Schoolhouse Electric, all fluorescent GU24 except the pendants (too small for GU24 bulbs). Different ceiling mounts in kitchen, pantry and laundry.

Hood - Best PIK 45 with custom arched drywall enclosure and remote switch.

Tile Mural - from Tierra y Fuego in San Diego CA.

Backsplash - custom 2.5 x 5" Chardonnay color handmade subway by Ken Mason Tile, Long Beach CA.

Paint - all BM, Mountain Lane "Aura" green accent, Cloud White "Aura" wall base color, Lemon Chiffon oil-base on cabs and trim.

Our CKD is Dana Jones, "The Kitchen Consultant," in Long Beach, CA. Our GC is Bob Kaplan of Long Beach, CA.

Thanks everyone for the great ideas and inspiration. We are sooooo happy!!

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Wow, she said weakly having wallowed in kitchen heaven all day with all these finished kitchens posted. Love the arched windows. Love the green. Love the backsplash. Love the filigree. I usually keep it to commenting on one thing, but I couldn't decide.

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Everything is just beautiful, well done! I especially like the tile mural.

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I was having trouble sleeping so I got up and clicked on GW! Now I'm wide awake looking at one of the most beautiful kitchens I've ever seen! Yesdear, you have outdone what I thought couldn't be outdone in going from 99% finished to finished! Love everything about your gorgeous kitchen! How about we trade? I come to CA for a few months in the winter and you can come come to NH and see all the snow! hehehe

Question about your Brazilian black soapstone. Have you oiled it? (I remember initially you hadn't) and does it show water rings and spots? Do you remember what grit they finished the stone at? I can see you are a cook, any chips or scratches on the soapstone yet?

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Wow. Glorious. Stunning. And I have range envy. Not just the range itself (which is pure joy and sinful eye candy) but the whole look -- the tile work, the hood, the nooks -- just beautiful. Love every thing else too... every single detail. The whole room is eye candy. Brava! -- 1,000 times.

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that kitchen deserves alot of attention! it is absolutely awesome. i was drawn to so many details like the windows, the paint is really a nice color and very complimentary, I love the flow into the dining room, it all really says "spanish". But, my favorite part is the mural over the stove. It looks like an orental rug mounted over your stove! It is so beautiful. I know that you are totally loving cooking in your kitchen. thanks for showing us here.

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You guys did an amazing job staying true to the character of your home while creating a very upscale kitchen. It's just plain stunning!

My favorite part is the little doored niche beside the range...I need one of those things! Salt and pepper grinders, oils, everyday spices: I can think of lots of goodies to keep in there!

Beautiful all around. Congratulations!


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Love this kitchen. It's not even "my" style of kitchen, but I *love* it! Highlights: the interesting shapes and arcs and surprises. The use of color. That gorgeous backsplash tile - obviously the mosaic over the range, but also the subway tile. Oh, and the fact that the mosaic is set in a niche so you have that shelf for spices. (Wish I'd thought to do that!) All the little details... the hanging pots, the things on the counters - everything.

What a fantastic space.

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Really nice finishing touches, especially the stenciling and red accents. The mosaic is beautiful. Thanks for sharing, I love it.

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Gorgeous!!! I love every detail of your kitchen, and it just looks like it fits perfectly in your home. Congrats on a job VERY well done!

Can you tell me more about your custom subway tile. It looks matte in some pics and glossy in others. Do you have both, or is that just a photographic illusion?

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My favorite kitchen ever!! Thanks so much for posting more pictures!

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Beautiful!!! The arched moldings add sooo much...and the backsplash is perfect! I love that website and wish I could work some of those beautiful tiles into my kitchen!

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Absolutely amazing. The use of color & detail makes this simple design kitchen eye-poppingly fun to examine. I love the fact that everything goes together in a way that makes it seem very true to the architectural period of the home. The lighting, the tile, the arches, the scrolled woodwork it's all good. I love the range area with the beautiful mural backsplash and ledge. It looks so great paired with the unexpected choice of the green paint. Love it, love it, love it.

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Really, really beautiful. So many wonderful details and just a great use of the space. It looks cozy and warm. Truly love it.

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Your kitchen was an "all time favorite" when you first posted -- one of the ones I bookmarked, as a matter of fact, even though I knew there was no way I would be able to come close to copying what you had done. But, especially as an owner of a galley kitchen myself, I bookmarked it because I thought yours to be such a classic example of the height of what one can achieve with galley kitchen design. In other words, I find that galley kitchens are often best remembered for their ingenious functional design in a very challenging space. But here, by way of architectural and historical reference and by incorporating bold colors, different textures, knock-out appliances, terrific lighting, etc., into your design, your kitchen both shouts and whispers its elegance as well as its functionality. Simply stated, your galleys' got it all!

If I thought I loved it when you first posted, I love it even more now! And,btw, what do you store in that paneled niche next to the fridge? How intriguing that is that you have the open arched niche on the side towards the butler's pantry and the closed one towards the fridge. It's those small, fascinating details everywhere that make me adore your space! Sigh. :)

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I love your windows, the paint color, the gorgeous backsplash tile. thanks for posting the 'even more complete' photos!

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Dear GWers--

Thanks to all who've been so kind with feedback on our finished product. I now wish I'd had a wider-angle lens as some of the stuff (laundry for example) is difficult to show.

We still have a short punch list that includes taking out the caulk at the joint between countertop and backsplash and replacing that with color-matched sanded caulking, having Liebherr replace one of the 4 compressors (!) for noise issues, and replacing the air gap with a soap dispenser. And La Cornue had to send a repairman out to replace the igniter on the range (!!). Just because it's expensive doesn't mean it's free of manufacturing defects...

pluckymama-- We have oiled our soapstone a few times but it doesn't seem to last very long. We love how it looks "native" anyway. No waterspotting. The fabricator didn't share the grit # with us. One little chip on the eased edge (my bad) and one little scratch. Both sanded out with fine sandpaper. You gotta love that! Wish I could do that on my Acura. ;-)

holligator-- The 2.5 x 5" subways are glazed so they are more glossy than not--the matte appearance must be a trick of the light. Since they're handmade, each piece is a little quirky. That's why the grout line is on the thick side.

marthavila-- That little niche to the right of the range is the spice cabinet! The soapstone sill was DW's idea, to match the open pass-through on the opposite side.

Thanks again for all the kind words!

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Amazingly beautiful and tastefully done! So many perfect little details, not one kitschy or overdone.

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Yay, I'm so glad you posted. I love your kitchen. And the Spanish-styled homes from the '30s (would love to see more of yours!). I'm glad to see another installed Shaw's sink because I'm in the midst of an installation trauma with mine and have a fear I'll never get one installed (I'm going to look at my 5th sink today!!).

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I know I raved about loving this before...The tile behind the stove, the stove itself, the 2 sink areas, and the overall look and style with its appropriateness to the house. It's even better now with the more lived in look with personal and useful things on the counter. Enjoy, enjoy!

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Oh my Word! Your kitchen is STUNNING! You did such a good job of modernizing it yet keeping the integrity of your home. That tile is a piece of art! Excuse me while I drool.

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Just magnificent! Sigh, I could look at it all day. So glad you were able to uncover/refinish those beautiful floors! Incredible backsplash. Everything goes together so beautifully! *Sigh again*

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It's a STUNNER! I love the tile mosaic. It's just perfect. And I love the fact that you shouted out a credit to your KD and GC on the project. :)

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Just beautiful! All those details work together so well! That shade of green works so well in your kitchen.

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I am blown away by your kitchen! It is simply divine, with so much richness, style and life. I went from having a really colorful kitchen to toning it down entirely, but seeing yours....I'm missing that color already. I may just have to go out and buy a really colorful bowl or something.....Congrats to you...and I won't be surprised when I see your kitchen when I'm flipping through a magazine(because I still can't stop buying them.....)

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I love everything about this kitchen. Period. I'm speechless! I now have behind-the-range medallion envy!

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Dying to know: Who is the cook that gets to luxuriate in your beautiful French range? Or is both of you? :)

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Completely GORGEOUS! All the little details really make the space unique, warm and inviting. Love it all!!!!

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Your kitchen is sublime! I am in awe of those windows and the tile feature behind your range. I love the glimpse of your dining room, too. Oh, what amazing character. I'd love to see a whole house tour sometime. Thank you for sharing!

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That is how its done.

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Gorgeous, gorgeous galley kitchen! If I can do 1/2 as well with my galley, I would be thankful! Enjoy it!

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Wow! This is one outstanding kitchen. What a beautiful rendition, I'm sure you'll enjoy it for a long time. I'm sorry to hear about the La Cornue Fe and Liebherr issues and I hope you get them resolved soon.

I love the tile work; it almost looks like a Persian carpet.

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Wow, wow, wow. It looks like a magazine! You have done an amazing job.

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I can't believe that I almost forgot about this kitchen!! I'm in love all over again.

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Yesdear, you know your kitchen was one of my inspirations, and these photos confirm it. Amazing -- and I really enjoyed seeing the eating area and added details. We hae a similar chandelier in our dining room (which i think was original to our 1928 house). I'll post on our kitchen thread.

Thanks again for the amazing pics. nats

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your kitchen is absolutely stunning!! enjoy it!!

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muy bonita la cocina!!

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yesdear ~

Wow wow wow! Your kitchen is definitely magazine-worthy. And what an amazing transformation from your original kitchen!

May I archive your kitchen in the Finished Kitchens Blog? If so please submit the FKB Category Checklist to help me categorize your kitchen. (There isn't currently a category for Spanish style but I will certainly add one!).

Thank you!

Here is a link that might be useful: FKB Category Checklist

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Yesdear, I saw that you had some issues with finding your original post. I've linked it below so that it is part of this new thread. I'll repeat what I said when you originally posted - this is a gorgeous kitchen! You must be so thrilled.


Here is a link that might be useful: Yesdear's original post

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It just surpasses all that came before. The designer is a genius, and will become famous. I have never seen anything better executed. After seeing this kitchen, I can die.
So, in conclusion, Meh, not bad. ;-)

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Now that's Spanish style Done Right.

Makes me dislike our feeble attempt at "Spanish" style suburban tract home look even more.

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Aw, shucks. It's just a kitchen!

Seriously, thanks to all of you for your validation of our creative vision, our KD's brilliant drawings and our GC's flawless execution.

minette99, I cannot tell a lie. Although I cooked quite a bit in ancient days when I was single (and wooed DW with a fresh-caught, home-cooked seafood meal on our first date), my day job is all-consuming so she does 95% of the cooking. Somebody has to pay for this stuff!

starpooh, we are honored to be considered for the FKB. Questionnaire complete! Please count us in.

To the rest of you who've commented: thanks so much, your kind words only add to our continuous enjoyment of this great space. We are glad we waited 12 years to do this. We have more income, better taste, the best KD and GC, and soooo many cool things that didn't exist in the '90s.

To those TKO and not yet started: have faith, get clarity, and don't be in a rush. It's a process. It all comes together if you take your time.

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Yesdear, which grout did you use with your Ken Mason tiles?

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Absolutely stunning!

Yesdear, I am wanting to paint my kitchen that color - it is so pretty. I have googled the Aura paints, but do not see a Mountain Lane green color. Is this the one you used for the green?

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Hi Pluckymama and jenc_2009,

Sorry that I missed your posts. The backsplash grout is Alabaster color. The green accent wall is BM Mountain Lane (Aura). According to the BM website, that is color #488. It does look slightly different online. Hope this helps.


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