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bill_g_webOctober 16, 2010

Is there a way to add text to an image, embedded in the digital file itself, not necessarily something that would be visible on the photo in a viewer? What I'm thinking of is something like an IPAD with a camera, so I can take a photo and add text to it using the Ipad soft keyboard. Maybe the file format would be a tiff? Then access the enbedded text with software so I could sort the images based on the text.



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dSLRs are usually capable of having text info added to the photo files by the camera itself. Think along the lines of the camera writing EXIF data for each shot's date/time/lens/exposure and it "tagging" that info to the individual photo's file.

Well, most cameras allow you to add additional text info into the EXIF file data. I use it on my camera, but normally just as an identifier. My name, phone number, etc. I don't use EXIF as a searchable database.

I do add searchable metadata tags to all photo files, but I do it via batch during workflow. Most software programs have the capability.

You don't mention what you're using, but do a google search for something like "how to add metadata tag to photo file with XXX" (with "XXX" being whatever software or camera you are using) and you should find some good info.

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Hey Mongo;

You sure get around between tiling showers. I was looking for a way to add data to a photo at the time and place of making the exposure, so I'd need a good input device like a keyboard, soft or hard, or better yet, a microphone and speech recognition software. That's why I was thinking IPad. (Picture quality may not be that important.) As far as file format goes, anything that works, be it EXIF or something else; XMP maybe. I don't yet have a camera/imaging device; just looking.


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