Has anyone bought a camera online?

sydneydavisOctober 8, 2007

If you have which site have you used? I have started looking from addresses in the photo mags I get but I get overwhelmed when going over all the info. I want to buy a Nikon D80 Kit and have seen several sites but am unsure since I am spending so much money...

Any tips, links, suggestions would be great!



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I bought my camera online, Beach Camera. Wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Saved more than $150. First I visited one of the online camera review sites that list vendors and vendor ratings. They had a 800 number so I called and placed my order. Quick service, everything as advertised. Local stores in my area never have what I want. They can special order but it costs a lot. I trust my MasterCard company to intervene if something goes wrong.

Bought a lens from amazon.com last month.

I would never buy something that expensive from ebay. Just MHO.

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cametacamera.com does LOTS of business and has good reviews. I bought my camera bag from them adn one of my cameras. They run their business form an ebay storefront.

Check the business here:

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Reseller Ratings is a great resource.

I've bought cameras happily from Amazon (multiple times), B&H (bhphotovideo.com), and Newegg.

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I have had great luck with Newegg.com I have purchase a couple camera through them, and recommened them to others with good results.

It does pay to shop around though.

Often NewEgg throws in a 1GB card with the camrea. Great deal.

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I went to Pricegrabber.com.

They compare all products and you can narrow down your research by selecting what particular things you want on your camera.

They have reviews on their products by consumers, and also reviews on the stores where the products were purchased.

You can view products sellers from lowest to highest price.

I bought my Nikon Coolpix5700 after researching it on their site, and finding the cheapest online price.

Good Luck


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2nd for Beach Camera. These guys have been around a looong time, way before the age of digicams. Price and services are good. I've purchased camera accessories from them too.

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Thank you for all the different links, suggestions and feedback. I don't remember if I mentioned I have been looking through Popular Photography mag's and found the first links there. I have a canon PowerShot A85 that has worked great for a long time. Last time [maybe a year ago] I came here and got lots of help someone - Maybe Joe- gave me links and info on more things I could do with that camera. So I have had lots of fun and improved a bunch on photo 'how to's' but it slipped out of my hand a while back and I broke the little silver ring covering the lens area where it zooms - I think it probably also protects the lens a bit along with just looking better! LOL Anyway since then I have been looking more seriously. I have have just gotten a new job and will will be able to afford a nice camera so thought I would take the plunge and get the 'Dream' Camera. I want to get as many perks to it on the first purchase as I can afford because I will also be using this for business so can deduct it. Thank goodness for that although even with being able to deduct it I stillneed to be able to pay for it!
Thanks again!

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I also use NewEgg.com and B&H. And I ALWAYS check out any online sites at Reseller Ratings, as Joe suggested.

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Sydney, tell us what your dream camera is. Or maybe you haven't decided yet. I really like to hear about the cameras others have chosen. I had my 'dream camera' picked out and was ready to order, then something someone said changed my mind. Then I researched another one, same thing. So, I'm still looking, comparing, deciding.

Happy hunting

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DREAM CAMERA!!!!! Here is mine -

it is on sale for $31,998.00.
ohhh yeah!

Realistacally; niko D80 and I am hoping thed new Olympus is everthing the company has promised. I have the $$, just waiting. If it is not, then I will get the D80

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Mine is the Nikon D80. I have read lots and lots of good things about it...I need to understand more about the different types of lens. I've read what all it good but need/want to know why or the difference/advantage between lens that area step up from one another. I just keep reading and reading then come here and ask questions.

LOL Joe. I don't think the total price of all my cars have cost that much !..

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The Nikon D80 is my dream camera also, please keep us updated on it. I have been asked to take wedding photos next June and I hope to have that camera for it by then. My sister has this very camera and she has taken 3 weddings with very good professional looking photos(she is self-taught just like me). She also took a homecoming coronation with great results. Let us know, as I would like to get this camera also but am worried too about buying online with that kind of money.

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Another vote for bhphotovideo.com I've purchased from them several times and their prices and service is great. So is newegg.com

Good luck!

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Hi all,

Well, as long as it's just a dream, mine would be the Nikon D3. But I could "settle" for a Nikon D300. OK, that's just a dream too. Realistically, my entry level (I still don't have a digital camera) choice will probably be a Nikon D40X with a AF-S DX Zoom-NIKKOR 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED lens.


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