Digital pictures are too big in email... please help

sharon620October 26, 2006


I am getting my pictures into my computer ok but once I get them in there they are too big to email. I mean they are HUGE. I am using Adobe 4.0 to edit my photo's.

Could you please help me?

Thank you!


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I doubt if you want to mail large photos with rare exceptions, sometimes I send and receive large files for one reason or another; when I do, I upload it to my webspace and then send a link. From there, the recipient can download and save. There is a place you can use to send large files that I believe is reliable and free.

It sounds like you need to resize. I don't know your program, but resizing is pretty straightforward and intuitive, some methods retain better quality than others. Look in your help files, look at all your menu options and see if there is an "image size" or "resize" or "resample" or "crop tool" where you can enter numbers or percentages. I like to crop most of mine to 800 pixels by 600 pixels and compress when I save usually for posting on the web and email attachments.

I usually resize just using the percentage method or by cropping in Adobe PS CS2, no sense in trying to explain that.

I just posted this link for somebody else around here.

Here is a link that might be useful: YouSendIt

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when you intially save the photo a screen pops up asking where, what etc... there should be a slider bar named "quality" or something like that. If it is set to 100 the file will be larger, 85 is good. At that ratio the untrained will notice no difference, sometimes the trained will not be able to see the difference. Also, make sure you are saving as *.jpeg - PDF, TIFF & RAW are huge compared to jpeg.


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