?? about white light in some photos

lydia1959October 26, 2007

I just bought a used 35mm camera (Olympus OM10) for my Dad off eBay. I took a roll of pictures to test it out. About 4 photos have this white light at the bottom. These pictures were close to the first taken, but were not the first on the roll. 2 were taken outside and 2 were taken indoors. Any ideas? Should I just not worry about it? The rest of the photos were fine.

Here is a sample:

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Are they all on the exact same place?

I can make two guesses from this photo:
1)possibly light leaked on to the film, either from the film door or through the lens/body connection. Make sure the door is closed all the way and make sure the connection between the lens and camera body is locked in and not moving

2)Lens Flare - the light enters the glass of the lens in a manner that cause a flare, a lens hood will help prevent this but it is still possible the get one.


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The light spots were all in the same place.

I thought about the door not being shut all the way, but the first few pictures I took didn't have the spot...nor did the last 15 or so photos I took. Weird.

Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.

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It would almost seem a problem with the film if some photos have spots and some do not. Unless it continues to happen, I would chalk it up to a damaged film roll and be happy the camera itself doesn't have problems.

Good luck.


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Try another roll of film at a different photo finisher. The photo finisher could have ruined your pictures by light leaks in their equipment, or from sloppy handling.
Look at your color negatives. Do these have the same light smear? (Will be a dark area on the negtive.) If the negatives are ok, then the fault was with the printing process.

There can be other faults with the camera. One possibility is off-axis light reflecting inside the lens barrel and striking the negative. Off-axis light is supposed to be minimized and absorbed, but when its not, its a trouble maker. I had one telephoto lens that made ok pictures when with the sun to my back, but made bluish, foggy ones if any sunlight or bright light fell on the front of the lens. It was low cost lens. it had no internal light traps. Light was reflecting off the inside surface of the barrel and falling onto the negative. It required big sunshades out front to correct.

In your case, it seems to be light reflecting off a bright spot inside the lense. (Good lens barrela are light trapped and coated with light absorbing coatings on the inside.

A simple test - Look! Open the back of the camera and hold the shutter open, or set the lens to stay open until closed with a second push of the shutter button. Point the camera toward a bright object such as a lamp and observe how the light comes through. Move the camera off axis a bit to get the light to fall on the inside of the lens barrel and watch for reflections. Hopefully, the lens will absorb much of the light. You may find a bright spot where the coating has chipped off.

I forgot to mention, for single lense reflex cameras, it easier to do this test by removing the lens from the camera. You may have to hold a pin (or other feature) to fully open the aperature. Be carefull with this since these parts are light weight and fragile and can be damaged.

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