Anybody Use IrfanView?

audrey_gwOctober 13, 2008

I was happy to find IrfanView, because I thought I could use it to transfer large image files out of Nikon's PictureProject. (PictureProject only lets you export files up to 2048 X 1536.)

But, for some reason, IrfanView is opening the PictureProject files at only about half their original size. Files that PictureProject says are 2000 X 3008 pixels, IrfanView is showing as being 1063 X 1600 pixels. That isn't any help, because I can export files that size from PictureProject itself. Does anybody know why IrfanView is doing this and what the solution is?

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Perhaps it may be your settings for viewing...On the toolbar click VIEW...go down to Display Options(window mode)...will give a list of different settings...check the one you want...just for example I have mine checked at--Fit only big images to desktop and Center image in window...Also in...OPTIONS--Property Settings---Full screen tab...I have Fit to screen:large images only(recommended) and the Set display multiplier(%) at 100% for width and height...These are the settings I use and like...Hope this may help...or give you an idea...


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Many thanks for your suggestions! Although those options were set correctly, when I went back to verify that they were, I noticed that there were also options for plug-ins under property settings. And I knew I was using a plug-in for the NEF files. Sure enough, under the plug-in settings I found an option called "Load half-size files" which had a checkmark beside it. I took that away, and it seems to be working correctly now. Thanks again for your help.

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Awesome-Im glad you found the solution!

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