update on the mini boys

NinapearlMay 19, 2011

i am just over the moon! red and rebel have settled in nicely and are getting more attention than ever and they are lovin' it!

red had not been hitched in years. wayne said they put him in harness yesterday and he took off across the pasture like he's been driving every day of his life!

little maddy, their granddaughter, giving red a big hug after he took her for a ride in the cart...

maddy is 4. she stays with them every day after pre-school. the first thing she does is run to the fence and call for the minis and they come running. she says rebel is her favorite horse EVER!

i am just SOOOO happy they are being so well cared for. i could not have found a better place for them!!! :)

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Awwww, that is just so sweet!!! You couldn't have found a better home for them. They are wonderful horses and I'm glad they will be getting so much attention. And even happier that you are able to keep in touch with them.

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing them. They really make my day!!

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That's just wonderful!!! How great you found such a perfect family for them.

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You must be thrilled! Those pics with the little girl says it all- true love!

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oh yes! i am beyond thrilled!!! the only other time, in all of my 60 years, i have ever re-homed an animal was when i was going through divorce. i sold my old mare to friends for $1. when their grandkids outgrew her a year later, i bought her back for $1.

this outcome with the mini boys couldn't be more perfect! they are happy and i'm satisfied they will continue to be healthy and very much loved not only by the kids but the grown-ups, too. :)

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