chrispittMay 6, 2013

How to find out best horse? and what is the symptoms of good horse?

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First you have to have enough money to not just buy a horse, but to feed it and have a place for the horse to live.

Then you have to decide how you will use the horse - what do you want to do on horseback?

So, what is your annual money you can spend on a horse?

What do you want to do with the horse?

Answer those and we can give you a better answer.

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Don't forget to factor in vet bills, wormings, tooth care, shoeing, tack, supplies, training if required and much more. Once you get a budget put together, double it. If you can afford this for the next 20+ years, then you can consider getting a horse.

If you are new to horses, and it sounds like you might be, please don't get a horse until you have experience with them. Offer to help out at a stable or help take care of a friends horse. Take horse care classes at a local communiy college or through the recreation dept. in your area. I spent my childhood with horses and they are wonderful, but they require constant attention, some skill in dealing with them and much more money than you would ever think.

Let us know how it goes.

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The best way to become a millionaire horse owner is to start with three million.

We had horses for 20 years. Quarter horses and POA's(Pony of America). Best thing we could have done for our sons---the horses and 4-H.

But, having them do six sports a year each would have been much less expensive and we would have had more free time as a family.

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Yes unfortunately, horses have become an extremely expensive hobby. Unfortunate for the poor horses too that are falling on hard times...being abandoned because owner cannot afford them or have lost their homes that had land because of the poor economy! UGH! Many horses are going to slaughter houses! HORRIBLE!

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"Unfortunate for the poor horses too that are falling on hard times...being abandoned because owner cannot afford them"

All the more reason to visit a horse rescue and see if you can adopt a horse that has already been vetted and checked for a sound temperament.

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