You wanna see a pretty?

sydneydavisOctober 14, 2007

If i can remember how to post a picture...

This is my Grand Neice...She is a huggy kind of little girl. Always telling me how much she loves me and how I'm her best Aunt. We went to a field of sunflower that were 4ft - 6 ft tall. This is Tasha's latest pose. She always strikes a pose of somekind when I take her pic's. This was from the camera I bought her mom. Is is a Cannon 620 or 640 maybe. I had just readjusted settings on it so Misty could take more than 5 pic's at a time. I just noticed this weekend how pretty the whole color combination is with this image. Tasha's hair and the sunflowers and the shirt/sky combo.

Just wanted to share my joy!...

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OH! There she is. Wow, she's a real beauty! She looks good in blue.

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Like the angle, looking up at the subject. She is a pretty!

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She is so cute and that is a great photo...Yes it turned out quite nice!


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she's adorable, wonderful photo!

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You did a great job. Nice photo, darling kiddo!

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