Price for cleaning dog's teeth

lily316May 17, 2012

What do you all pay for this? I have never had it done before. My two dogs had a wellness check up today. Vet said they are both in excellent health, beautiful shiny coats, and good weight. However he said I should think about having the Dachshund's teeth cleaned this year. We rescued him two years ago this week , and he came from a kill shelter in WVA. He is probably five , vet said but is getting tartar. He said it would be between $350- 550.

Veterinary care is getting so expensive. Vet said he wishes all his patients were as healthy as my two dogs. This was a routine visit with the exception of one getting a three year rabies shot and it cost $350.

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seems like costs for dental cleaning vary a LOT depending on where in the country you live, how good a job you want done, how closely you want your pet monitored and cared for while anesthetized, and how expertly you want any extractions done. where my wife works as a dental technician here in Los Angeles the average dental runs just under $1000... but can easily get over $2000. But in some clinics here I have worked relief at $250 is standard (but the standard of care at these places is BELOW standards!)- I sure wouldn't want my own pet done there, even if I did the dental myself! Where I work now the average is about $600, but you rarely get a doctor involved... which I don't necessarily think is a good thing... and we don't routinely radiograph teeth (and therefore probably miss a LOT of stuff). Saving money on dentals is not necessarily a good thing in the long run... Not sure where in the country you are, but my only experience is with Los Angeles prices.

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I'm in Des Moines, IA and paid just under $400 last year. That included the pre-anesthesia blood work and one extraction. He also got a pain killer. I think this about average around here.

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for my great danes, it's about $500/each. both of mine were in need of a good teeth cleaning just about the time i started them on RAW. within 2 weeks of eating RAW, there wasn't a speck of tartar on their teeth. they do get their teeth examined at their yearly wellness exams but their vet sees no reason to do anything. last time we were there, she had all of her techs in to see how pretty their teeth were. :)

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Around here cleaning starts at $350. Then the extras add up if there are problems.

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Happy to say I have no idea! I raw feed and brush regularly. But if your dog's teeth need cleaning, I would stick with a vet you know and trust to care for your dog. The price sounds reasonable to me. Once his teeth are clean, just brush more frequently to keep them that way, and offer raw meaty bones a few times a week. I would also recommend avoiding the 'no anesthesia' cleanings that some non vets offer. If you can see tarter on the teeth there is more below his bums and the no anesthesia cleanings can't possibly do a complete job of cleaning. I've linked a good explanation of the reasons...

Here is a link that might be useful: AVDC position statement

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Thanks for all your replies. As I said I have never had to do this before. His teeth didn't look bad to me when Vet showed me. Cynthia..I'd like to read your link, but it wouldn't come up. With your greys, I can see why you wouldn't want anesthesia.

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OOps - I linked the pdf. Trying again :)

Here is a link that might be useful: scroll half way down to scaling wo anesthesia

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we have a little Pekapoo that is 15 yrs old. I am glad we live where we live. When I took my old man in last winter for a check up. in that check up he had his ears cleaned , 5 teeth pulled, a cleaning of the rest, 2 shots, plus the pain meds, and treatment of his ears, with office cost was 200 bucks. but I think it was cause we live in eastern Montana.

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I've had to pay up to 700 dollars

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