an odd new behavior

cindyandmochaMay 31, 2010

You all know I have a pack of 4 -- Rusty (10 yrs), Mocha and Ginger (8 yrs) and Gypsy (13 yrs).

All are spayed/neutered for a LOOOOONG TIME.

Recently, Rusty (11) has been trying to mount Ginger (8). BTW, Ginger worships Rusty. He is her "guy". I just find it odd that this week he's been trying to mount her.

And worse, when he tries (though she refuses at first), she seems to flirt with him afterwards.

To me its just odd after all these years. I am just curious about this behavior. Handymac, I bet you have had some experience with this.

Anyone weigh in.

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Rusty was neutered at 3 yrs old.

Ginger was spayed at 6 months old.

Mocha was netuered at 8 wks old.

Gypsy was spayed at 13 yrs old (my dad in law's dog that insisted get fixed when he moved in with us 5 yrs ago).

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Mounting is often a display of aggression. We had a female (spayed) dog who mounted her stuffed animals because they were the only things she could have control over.

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Yes....though I wouldn't call it aggression as much as dominance. My little fourteen pound Iggy likes to stand on my shoulders and look down on me when I am in bed. He is asserting dominance to the pack. (IN his dreams)

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I agree it is an act of dominance, it is not aggressive tho it can turn aggressive. I would take your female to the vet.....could be something is wrong and she is giving off a different scent....Hope everything turns out okay. PS - it is best to stop the behavior before it turns nasty. Good Luck

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Sometimes if the entire ovary wasn't removed in the spay, it can grow back v-e-r-y slowly and eventually cause her to go into heat. That may provoke Rusty into his new behavior. Another remote possibility is that Rusty was cryptorchid and the non-descended testicle wasn't removed. That can lead to a Sertoli cell tumor with increased testosterone and typical male behavior. Usually a non-descended testicle is inert, but if it became a tumor it can start to secrete testosterone. Since you didn't mention that he was cryptorchid this is probably not the case. I've seen some weird cases where the female had a UTI and it provoked male sexual behavior too. Otherwise it is probably just a dominance display as mentioned.

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