upper respiratory infection in cats

honugirlhawaiiMay 5, 2010

I found a seriously ill kitten at a nearby farm. I immediately took her to the vet and she was treated for upper respiratory infection. A friend has kindly offered to care for this kitten in her home since this infection is highly contagious and I have two cats of my own.

Question: Have I endangered my cats by handling this ill kitten? I have soaked my clothing in a bleach solution and of course washed my hands.

I am so worried that I have brought harm to my cats by perhaps bringing this virus into our home. Has anyone shared my experience? Advice is sincerely appreciated.


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Given your cats (very likely) strong immune system, and the fact that these URI viruses are omnipresent, your cats should do just fine :)

By washing your hands, clothes and shoes, you did the right thing. I hope the little kitten gets better

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Your cats should be fine. One of my cats (as a kitten) had a very bad URI when I found her in the middle of the road. If I hadn't picked her up and took her to the vet the next day she might not have made it. At the time I didn't think to do any more than wash my hands after handling her (I didn't bring her in the house) and my other cat was fine.

I volunteer at a shelter and when upper respiratory viruses are making their rounds there I change my clothes before I get in my car, change my shoes and put my old clothes in a trash bag in my trunk. I obviously wash my hands but when I get home I immediately take a shower, wash my hair and throw my clothes in the washer and disinfect my shoes in virkon (bleach is deactivated by dirt). I probably don't need to take all those precautions but I don't want to take any chances. Cats are usually more suseptible to viruses if they are very young, very old or they are stressed. Your cats should be perfectly fine.

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Poor kitten did not survive the night. I am heartbroken.
I am glad that I did what I could for her but it is still so very sad.
I stop at the farm weekly for produce and eggs so will take the safety precautions you both so generously have shared.

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How sad for the poor little kitten :(
It is nice to know you cared and tried to rescue her, thank you for that...

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