Bug B Gone and dogs

Pooh BearMay 11, 2011

We are planning on spreading Bug B Gone granules on the area of our lawn that is fenced off for a dog lot (6500 sq ft). It is supposed to be applied and then watered. We plan on spreading on Thursday and it is supposed to rain Thursday night and Friday. After spreading it when can our two dogs be allowed back in the lot. One dog is at least 80 pounds and over a year old. The other one is about 30 pounds and 5 months old. Would it be safe to let them back in right after applying the granules or should it be watered first. The package directions don't mention pets. We are putting this down to control fleas and ticks.


Pooh Bear

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That's a question you need to ask the company.
Look for the toll-free number on the label.

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Pooh Bear

I think I found the answer in one of their online videos. Spread the granules and water the lawn. Let the lawn get dry before allowing pets back on it. I was worried that we would spread it but it wouldn't rain. We have decided to just water the area if it doesn't rain. The dogs can stay in the house in the meantime.


Pooh Bear

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I think the main concern would be to make sure the granules have dissolved. Most info I found referred to the liquid Bug B Gone and instructions said after the mix dried on the grass it was safe to use & walk on. I couldn't find any info about applying the granules and the safety around pets.

My worry would be granules sticking to your pets paws and then them licking it off.

Here is a link that might be useful: MSDS

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Bug B Gone has three checmicals in it that are possible cancer causing checmicals, one is noted for causing cancer. Please wait as long as you can before letting your dogs back into the area. Apply as little as you can to solve whatever problem you are trying to solve (which I would like to know about - maybe we can find another application which is not as toxic). Remember not only are dogs going to be making contact through their paws but they will have their noses to the ground inhaling the checmical odors, and they might dig or chew on things which might make contact even more likely.
Good luck

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Pooh Bear

I'm trying to control fleas mostly, and ticks.
Fleas seem to be especially bad this year.

Pooh Bear

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Fleas are a "nest parasite" so don't need to treat/spray everything.

In other words,
1. indoors, frequent vacuuming;
2. Treat the animal (ask vet for prefrred product);
3. Wash pet bedding at least 1/week.

Don't know how much of a problem ticks are in your area but, since they're restricted to a small area should limit exposure.
Periodic tick checks will help too.

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Fleas can be a huge problem in outside yards tho having lived in the mountians of Hawaii I can completely understand
To control the pests on your animal, use frontline or advantage or some other type of flea control - no Hartz or any cheapo collars or sprays or topicals they often creat more problems than they were created to solve. You really need to pay for the good stuff because it works. Dont panic if you see a flea after you have applied flea control on your pets, once it bites your pet it will die and will nt be able to reproduce. Using a good flea control on your animals is key. If you have an aussie or german shepard your dog might have an adverse reaction to the applications so look into that before hand. If you have a flea infestation out in your yard it is usually due to a neighbors pets, pets walking by your yard or wild animals. In all cases putting control on your dog is the safest and most effective treatment. If you are getting bitten while outside I suggest applying food grade DE (not the stuff you use in the pool - that has extra chemicals in it which will ruin your yard) - the unfortunate part is that the DE will kill anything with a hard body including good insects, but so does cancer causing sprays - the good thing is DE will wash away keeping the masacre limited. Apply DE about a week before a party or going out for a picnic, reapply after a rain...good luck

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Pooh Bear

We spread the Bug B Gone today in the fenced portion of the
yard. I only had enough water hose to reach half of it.
Supposed to get some showers tomorrow so dogs will stay in
the house until it rains or we get more water hose.
I can take them out in the yard outside the fenced part so they
can do their 'business' outside until the lot is ready again.
They like sleeping inside and playing outside the fence anyway.

We have not seen many ticks, but there have been a few.

Pooh Bear

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Pooh Bear

I've reading on this forum for a while now and that is the second reference I have seen against using Hartz products. I'm curious to know why. I know little about them other than they have been around a long time. One of our dogs is a Lab/Boxer mix and the bigger dog is a Lab/Boxer/Other mix. We applied some Hartz UltraGuard Plus to our bigger dog last week. The itching was so bad he was miserable. It was cheap but it seems to have been effective. When we had the smaller dog spayed, the Vet gave her a pill rectally, and applied Frontline Plus to her as well. She still is covered with fleas but she is not itching. I saw some fleas on Homer today but he wasn't itching either.
We have tried putting apple cider vinegar in their water, sevin dust, flea powder, and flea shampoo. I would love to give them Advantix or Front Line Plus but we really can't afford that. As a stop-gap measure for Homer last week, we stopped at Walmart to see what they had. We had seen something advertised on TV but couldn't remember what it was. Later we found out it was Pet Armour and supposed to have the same active ingredient as Front Line. We couldn't find that so we just got what was available, Hartz. But I'm curious. Why is it recommended not to use Hartz products on dogs.

Thanks for all the help and advice.

Pooh Bear

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The link below may answer your question regarding Hartz.

With the flea problem you've described, I would suspect that you have an infestation in your home also. Treat all areas of your home and any furniture the dogs tend to hang out in......not just the yard.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hartz

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

We have plenty of fleas and ticks here but frontline plus has keep ours dogs happy and pest free over their lifetime.

The price isn't too bad if you can split a larger applicator and they do have a special offer free one if you buy a box of 6.

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Poohbear. Frontline and or Advantage cost only $10 a month per application. I have to say that once you get the fleas under control 3 months max, you can start sharing a bottle of application between dogs. Giving each dog half an application. That is less than $10 a month.
Using flea shampoos, garlic, vinegar, powder, bombs and cheap controls only costs you more money and has little to no impact on the fleas. See if you can get a deal from your vet, or go to Pet meds on line to get a price break. Dont go on line and go for the cheaper Advantage or Frontline from a place outside the US. Pet meds is reputalble and is less likely to have knock offs. Another watse of money.
Believe me once you get the situation under control, and have a good maintenance schedule going, you will be so much happier and so will your dogs.
Not treating them can subject them to internal parasites and fleas are no fun for anyone. If all else fails just contact your vet, let them know of your situation and ask to be able to purchase 3 vials a month for 3 months, which is less than $40 a month. Then purchase 4 bottles every other month and split the bottles between the dogs....hope it works out.

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Pooh Bear

That was some interesting reading. One application didn't
seem to bother Homer but I would like to find a different
solution. I want my furbabies to live long healthy lives.

What would I use and what would I treat inside my home. We
have tile floors except for the bedroom which has carpet.
And they like to lay on the couch in the family room.

On a side note, we got a really nice rain this morning.
So I won't have to water the rest of the yard.

Pooh Bear

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

"I want my furbabies to live long healthy lives."

Then don't treat your yard!

Dogs live long and healthy lives on Frontline plus when used correctly.
I do not use half the recommend rate, btw, but split a larger sized applicator for my two small dogs.
Although I mark the calendar and usually go over the 30 days a bit to stretch it out (for them and me), I can also usually tell when it has "run out".
They start scratching.

I have NEVER had a flea issue in the house.

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