five down, one to go

lily316May 27, 2010

Two humans weighting 276 pounds (111 me, 165 husband) are terrified of a 21 pound cat named Henry. The four other cats meowed and over reacted over their Frontline application, and the dog was a piece of cake, bless his sweet little heart. However Henry made himself scarce and is now glaring at us from his perch. We'll have to try again tomorrow, and hopefully sneak up when he's sleeping. God knows what will happen if I ever have to give him a pill.

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Good luck with the frontline and Henry! If you ever need to give him a pill ( I hope he stays healthy and you dont :) ) ask your vet for Pill Pockets. They are hollowed out ,oval shaped cat treats, that are soft and chewy in texture. You put the pill inside and sqeeze the end closed. My cat LOVES them. He was on medication for an ear infection and my vet gave me a bag of these pockets. We left them on the kitchen counter overnight.....big mistake because he tore through the bag, and I had to go back to the vet the next day and buy another bag!

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Well, he's done and one POed kitty. I lured him with catnip to the kitchen island, and he didn't take it well. Snarled and left fur behind. Now he's a big furball rolling on his back and wanting me to rub his stomach.

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I'm glad to hear you finally caught up with the naughty boy!

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