its that time of year

cindyandmochaMay 7, 2010

Soooo... my dogs have been blowing coat all spring, big chunks. I finally made an appointment with the groomer and got them all 3 (ok 4 -- I have to include my dadinlaws little dog right?) an appointment.

I got all 4 shaved down, a medicated bath, and a tooth brushing:

96 lb malinois

87 lb australian shephard

65 lb english sheperd

35 lb carolina mountain cur

LOL they are all acting silly and active ever since the "shave-down".

The coolest part was the groomer place we used told me that their lead groomer used the "Epi Guardian Angel" site I told her about last year (their last spring shave-down) and LOVES it. Her dog had just started having seizures like my aussie.

All 4 rode there together in my tiny honda suv, and rode back together. With much pointing from nearby cars about "those cute dogs with bandanas on". They all smell great and it was the best 290 bucks I EVER spent.

Nails short - fur short and sweet smelling -- and now I can sweep all of the humongous dust bunnies out of my house for the coming summer.

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I can imagine how great that is for you and for the pups as well. That must have been quite a pile of fur at the groomer's!

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LOL! Would have loved to see a before and after picture of all of you in the SUV!

I was just thinking it was time to get Lily shaved for the summer, but now they are talking about possible snow this weekend, so glad I waited.


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I have a (non-shedding) Wheaten terrier with a beautiful, soft coat, but she is also getting clipped short this weekend - she is so much happier with short fur, especially when it is hot outside.

I'm too cheap to take her to a groomer, but it has been kinda fun for me to clip her. I always wanted to be a hairdresser, so I guess this is my chance : )

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Here in California our bloom is done and gone. For me - A bottle Buddy wash and Buddy Rinse and alot of towels. One on the bottom of the shower to keep slips from happening. Total cost $30 for 30 washes. I never get tired of the after bath puppy power surges!!!

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Smiles! All around.
What's a bottle Buddy wash and rinse?

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I do have to say my best result was Mocha. Mocha is the overweight 10 yr old epileptic aussie, 87 lbs. After he lost all that fur, he has been acting like a brand new dog.

He has suddenly remembered all of his agility commands and trying to trade his tennis ball for any and every thing. He has assumed some sort of "new youth" syndrome.

He has been a pistol all week long and ready to play at the drop of a hat! amazing!

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