Family Cat Saves Little Boy From an Attacking Stray Dog

don_in_coloradoMay 15, 2014

This cat is my hero! She's out of nowhere, defending her human! You may have already seen this, but if not...She loves her boy-human!

Good Kitty!

Don B.

Here is a link that might be useful: Guard Cat

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I saw this on the news last night, Thank God the little guy is going to be OK, what a traumatic experience for such a little one. I hope the neighbors are fined and have to pay all the Dr. bills. I'm sure that courageous kitty got a great dinner & lots of hugs & kisses last night.

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So great to see cats getting credit for being protective! My current cat will attack my dog when he gets overly excited and starts his protective barking and I think she'd do the same with a strange dog that she decided was acting stupid.

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Some cats can be amazingly protective. I've had two family cats who exhibited that behavior, and both were females. One took on FIVE large, unfamiliar dogs at the same time in defense of a family dog. The other took on a stray cat who went after a family dog, though I think she attacked because she thought the stray was going after me. Attack cats are absolutely FEARLESS!


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What I don't understand is why, when the mother went to check on her child, she didn't scoop him up immediately to remove him from danger, should the dog come back? Instead, she ra the other way. I'm not surprised by the cat's actions, especially if it were a female cat. They can be very protective and fearless.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

The mother was going around the other side of the car to make sure the dog wasn't still there.

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I saw the story! That cat was awesome! The family acquired the cat when it followed the mother and boys home from a park. Guess it was a stray?

Here is a link with a pic of the boy kissing the cat. You can tell the cat adores the kid!

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I'm normally a proponent of keeping cats indoors, but this would be a sadder story then. Dog was apparently euthanized, so sad enough.

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Some days after the story hit the news I read that the dog was not put down as originally thought. I wonder tho.

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The dog was eventually put down.

Don B.

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