Cat peeing everywhere

ash0283May 24, 2010


I have a 3 year old black cat that has decided, since we've moved into NYC, that he's completely ok with peeing EVERYWHERE!!!

He'll use the box occasionally.

And before you say "take him to the doctor" I have! He's A-OK... no problems there...

Does anyone know ANYTHING that can be helped with this behavioral problem? He keeps peeing on my bed, which is getting QUITE annoying... thankfully I have an awesome cover on it (I'm allergic to dust, so I bought a waterproof, dust-proof cover for the mattress) BUT... I have to constantly clean the sheets... so it's getting really really reallly annoying! Please help!

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I havn't tried it, but some here have had success with a product called Feliway

Maybe the vet can give him something to calm his nerves? It sounds like the move stressed him out- and now you too!!! I don't believe in medicating for no reason, but if it stops the peeing until he can adjust, I say go for it! Perhaps there was a cat who had lived in your new home that had marked, and your cat is doing the same? Is he acting ok otherwise?

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We've tried feliway... PLUS, we've tried Turbutol... (medication) and nothing has worked... I'm getting to the end of my last nerve... He did this before, peed on beds every now and then, but now he's doing it on a daily basis.

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Did the vet do a urinalysis and culture? What did the vet say?

Anytime I have found my cats soiling out of the box they've been diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. To deal with the inappropriate peeing, I put extra litter boxes where they soiled, and gradually moved them back to the bathroom.

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Has he been checked for crystals? Infections are sort of scarce (I think 3-5% of cats presenting urinary issues) but inflammation and/or crystals are more common. Stress is a big player in cystitis so the move could have triggered this. homebodymom mentioned that a previous cat may have sprayed there so that would add to stress. Feliway may help with the stress, I have heard how great it is but have had no luck with it myself. I'd still try it, it's just that my cats are weird and ornery about the easy remedies.

If it's stress-related, then suggestions include the Feliway (both plug-in and spray) increased entertainment, somehow increase his feeling of security (peeing on your bed can be a technique stating that "this human is MINE").

You will have to clean the pee spots so that the cat cannot smell his urine. We can clean so WE don't smell it, but the cat will nose out traces that elude us. Enzymatic cleansers formulated for this are easily available.

It really sounds like stress to me but I am not a doctor. Working with stress and other psychological issues in cats is not easy but is definitely possible. Good luck and please follow up.

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Has he been neutered? That could help if he is marking to establish his new territory.

I agree with the recommendation to use enzyme cleaners to break down the odor -- I have found them at pet stores and Target.

I certainly hope he stops this soon. Best of luck to you.

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