Beadboard behind the refrigerator & microwave question.

SheeshareeIIMarch 15, 2014

I need to get the stuff ordered so I'd like to make a decision today.

I'm doing a mini makeover to the kitchen. One of the changes include installing beadboard backsplash. The appliances will be replaced with stainless. I'll be buying a counter depth refrigerator and it will not be boxed in. (I don't care to talk about that, it is what it is.)

I was going to run it the whole way behind instead of stopping at the sides. Is this what I should do? And it should stay in line with the counter along the bottom, right?
Here's the refrigerator area. The new fridge will fit pretty snug and fix the gaps along the sides.

We'll also be replacing our over the range microwave with another one, but this backsplash install will happen months before the new appliances. Should the beadboard go behind the microwave the whole way up? The bracket would then sit on the bb and push the microwave out more. Just run it up to the bottom and add trim piece? (I'll be adding trim pieces to the sides, top, and probably bottom of the bb.


*I know there's a kitchen forum, but I haven't received much input in there the past. I also consider this decorationg related.

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Putting beadboard on the wall behind the fridge might affect the depth of the fridge to the counter. So long as it doesn't jut out any further than the outlet and fridge plug, you're okay.

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I would run it all the way across, behind the fridge. There needs to be a bit of a gap between the wall and fridge so a seamless application will work well for that area.

For the MW, the kitchen forum would recommend switching to a real hood if it already vents to the outside. I'd then place the MW on the counter with the coffee maker or find somewhere else that's convenient.

If going with a hood is not possible, I'd bring the bead board up to bottom of the MW and trim it out like you are doing for the top line for the rest of the backsplash.

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I just finished a beadboard backsplash. What a beautiful difference it makes and my kitchen feels so much larger. Put this off for a couple of years and wish I'd done it much sooner.

For the bottom of the cupboards I used a small trim, although not under the MW as the bottom went a bit past where trim would go. You don't need to go behind the MW. It looks fine. I also added a trim at the bottom touching the counter. The type of trim normally used at the top. This was mainly for any water issues with wood. Now it is on to painting all.

The hardest part was measuring/cutting around outlets, other than this a fairly easy job.

My fridge insets into the wall and did not use a BB. Another trim though to finish the edges off.

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Tibbrix - Since IâÂÂm running trim along the bottom where the counter is would I really need to put bb below counter level, behind the fridge? IâÂÂve never thought about this detail and finding a photo isnâÂÂt happening. If someone has their refrigerator in the middle of the cabinets itâÂÂs usually boxed in on the sides.

Alex - But remember the trim piece IâÂÂm adding along the counter. Would you still run bb the whole way to the bottom of the refrigerator space and still run that trim piece straight across? FWIW, I'm planning to paint the bb the same color as the walls (new color).

My microwave does vent to the outside. However, I honestly donâÂÂt like the look of under cabinet range hoods any better than an OTR microwave. Add that reason with IâÂÂd prefer not to have a microwave on the counter and I donâÂÂt want to add a shelf to the island at this point, and that is what had me leaning towards another OTR microwave. I DO like wooden cabinets hoods (donâÂÂt know what theyâÂÂre actually called) with a mantel type shelf on top, but I donâÂÂt know anything about that. Edited - It appears they're called range hood inserts and you have the cabinetry built around them. IâÂÂm assuming I would need to sit down with a kitchen designer to work out the details I donâÂÂt know or understand. IâÂÂm not sure thatâÂÂs something I want to tackle at this point. IâÂÂm not even sure of the finished look IâÂÂd want so to rush and pick something out (IâÂÂm in a time crunch for different reasons) I feel is a crap shoot.

Technicolor - Did you use the same trim at the top and bottom? What size did you use? IâÂÂm not seeing much smaller than ýâ trim pieces. So did you just stop the top trim at the edges of the cabinet since you say you didnâÂÂt install trim up under the microwave?

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Ok so this seems pretty doable, but my cabinets don't go to the ceiling. I don't know how the ductwork is behind the microwave. I just know DH said it's vented outside.

I should probably post on the kitchen forum for this.

Here is a link that might be useful: DIY mantel hood tutorial

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I like the mantel hood idea. I think eliminating the OTR microwave in your kitchen would transform your kitchen, even more than the new refrigerator!

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i can't give you advice on how to do a mantel hood, but i would rec that you go that route!! esp if you plan to stay in your house awhile and if you love to cook!
and if having the microwave as a part of the island is a possibility, i would look into it! (i wouldn't want the microwave countertop either unless i had absolutely tons of counter space!!) sometimes getting your head around having your kitchen function differently than it currently does is hard!
a friend of mine had a countertop microwave and she ended up removing something (an empty panel?? shallow cabinet??? i can't remember what!), had an outlet placed and made a shelf for a microwave and it looks great! microwave drawers are an option too.
and, the beadboard sounds like a good idea!

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My OCD is showing a little, so embarrassing ;) I would see it every time I cleaned behind the fridge, and I would know that it just stops. I don't think either way is "wrong", though.

An insert is put in cabinets all the time. It can be a feature or made to blend so well you don't even know it's there. Often, you'll see where it vents out when you open the cab door.
Venting is not about looks, but function. A MW vent does a very poor job by comparison. It's better than nothing, though.

This is a common configuration.

Traditional Kitchen by Seabrook General Contractors Maverick Remodeling & Construction

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Shee, do you have space in the kitchen for a smallish Baker's Rack? In my old (smaller) kitchen I had room for one and that's where we set the micro. I loved it and still wish I used mine that way but since the remodel, I have all cabs and drawers...which is good.

I didn't want to use one inch of counter or cabinet space so I put it above the stove. I think it looks fine and I love having it there when I'm cooking.

I'd much rather have a micro above the stove than a faucet because a faucet looks like an accident just waiting to happen. lol

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WMA - I like it too, but am having a hard time picturing it in my finished kitchen. I'll be buying a slide in range (leaning toward the GE Cafe) so I won't have the bulky back on the range.

Busybee - "..sometimes getting your head around having your kitchen function differently than it currently does is hard!"
Yes, I get tunnel vision at times. The spot by the coffee maker would be where I'd plop a counter microwave for now since we don't use that space for anything else.

Alex - I know it's supposed to be about function, but I honestly care about how it looks more than the function. I know, I know...that's so backwards. Edited - Ok, so today is the first day I'm starting to care about the function of a vent.
I would prefer some type of cabinet housing for the vent. I DO like the extra space it adds above the range though.
Details are very important to me, but when it's stuff I never had to think about and don't know much about, it gets frustrating fast for me. I want things done the right way, but sometimes it's a matter of preference first.

Oakley - There is a wall to the right of the refrigerator (if you're facing it), but it's when you're walking into the kitchen. I considered putting something there before, but never found the right piece. I also wasn't sure if I would find it too cluttered with an extra piece of furniture.

I love the look of pot fillers, but won't be getting one of those. I posted that photo just to show the mantel configuration.

I like this one better than the mantel one I previously posted. Still don't know how to go about the inside.

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Sheesharee, I think it would look great with a slide in range. That would really upgrade your kitchen. My only concern would be spatters on the beadboard from cooking. I don't know how the paint would hold up to the scrubbings, but then again it's only paint so you could just recoat it.

You would just need to have a fan insert installed into the mantle hood. There would be a duct that vents to the outside. You can run that up into the cabinet over the hood.

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You would need a hood liner and an insert. These come in many different levels of quality/cfm. Here's a page of them--not recommending these, just so you can see what you need. They are available from many different manufacturers.

Our local lowes has a cheap Broan insert on display so you can see how it all goes together. Might be worth checking your local Lowes/HD/Menards/whatever to see if they have a similar display.

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Another possibility, although I don't think they probably work that well (no personal experience at all), is a slide-out hood, where the cabinet contains the works and you pull out the actual hood below the cabinet to use it:

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WMA - Are you talking about the last photo I posted?
Gosh, I feel so stupid I'm having a hard time grasping this.
"You would just need to have a fan insert installed into the mantle hood. There would be a duct that vents to the outside. You can run that up into the cabinet over the hood. "
So there's currently a vent that's outside my house for the microwave. The new duct would have to go up through the bottom of that cabinet and out the back, meaning there's a new hole on the outside of the house?

I'll probably pass on the slide out hood.

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Shoot, since I've introduced one thing you hadn't planned, I'll go ahead and throw another wrench into the works.

Have you thought of going induction?

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Alex - LOL! No, actually you made me really think about venting and cooking. The OTR microwave is just the easy option for me.

I did consider induction, but decided against it.

So I would really like to do the last hood mantel I posted (green cabinets). DH wants to buy the appliances from Lowes so IâÂÂd need to find an insert from them and donâÂÂt even see that as something you can select on their page. If I search range insert I come up with an insert rough in kit. Hold my hand please. . .

There needs to be 24â from the electric range to whatever is above it, right? So my whole hood cover, shelf and all, could only come down 12â from the upper cabinet. Upper cabinet is 12â D x 30â W.

I still don't get it really. My range is on an exterior wall - it's right there, and it appears I need a bunch of long ductwork according to different specs I've been reading over.

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>There needs to be 24â from the electric range to whatever is above it, right?

If it's metal. But you may need 30" or more for a flammable material like a wooden hood surround.

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Hi Sheesharee, you may be able to vent using the existing system. I can't remember what your range/microwave set up looks like. I do think this is the type of question the kitchen and/or appliance forum could answer. I found that when I asked specific questions like that I got good responses.

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Writersblock - Oh ok, thanks! I'm think there might not be enough space to allow for the look I want.

WMA - I may head to the appliance forum. Here's a photo though it doesn't show the top of the cabinets.

DH was fine with the idea of adding a undercabinet vent when he thought we could just swap out the appliance. When I started mentioning cutting holes in the bottom of cabinets I got quite the stink eye. We'll see.

Getting back to the original topic, I did order the beadboard today and just made sure to get extra! The island will get bb as well (it's paneling) and be painted. I was going to run it up to the bottom of the microwave, but now I'm not sure how we'll run it.

Side note - The current microwave is toast thanks to a potato bag Christmas gift so we could just take it down and leave it for now (cause of the bb). Dang bag caught f-i-r-e and messed it up. It can be fixed, but I don't want to bother since we'll be replacing it. The first three days without a microwave were TERRIBLE, but I'm so used to it now I think I could live without one honestly.

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