Dry pet food reviews

nhardyMay 31, 2011

I'm hoping to get some feed back from you of the good and bad one your pet have eaten.

Here are a few we have tried. Based on a 5 star rating system. If they are 4 stars or better, I'll rebuy. The ones that got 1 star had to be given away. (My boy would go over to them and try to cover it like it was poop. That is a 1 star food.)

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck 4.5 stars

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon 4 stars

Blue Buffalo Chicken 3 stars

Solid Gold Katz-n-flocken 4 stars

Solid Gold Indigo 1 star

Holistic Select Salmon,etc 4.5 stars

Nature's Variety Instinct Rabbit 3 stars

Orijen 6 Fresh Fish 1 star

Science Diet Nature's Best Ocean Fish 4 stars

Science Diet Nature's Best Chicken 3 stars

Science Diet Hairball Control 3 stars

Royal Canin Intense Hairball 3 stars

Here are others that we got small samples but were may try again.

Taste of the Wild




Any of you try Natural Balance Alpha Cat, the Trout, Salmon one?

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We don't feed dry, but do keep some on hand for bribes or treats-a 5# sack of kibble for treats lasts a while and is much cheaper than buying the junk marketed as treats.

So I won't use the start system but will point out some things to help you narrow your choices.

1. Ocean whitefish, aka Whitefish, aka Fish, aka Omega-3 fatty acid (which, for cat foods, is derived from the cheapest source possible-ocean whitefish): they're all the same, a cheap, high-quality protein used as filler in fish-flavoured foods. The group of fish is linked with cystitis in cats. Good to avoid, especially if you feed no wet foods at all. It isn't guaranteed that it will cause cystitis but if there's a potential problem why not just avoid it?

2. Carbohydrates: Since cats are obligate carnivores, why would we even think of feeding them what amounts to cattle food? Substantial carbohydrates are needed in the making of kibbled food-carbs are the 'glue' that hold the kibble together. Without that carb glue, there would be gritty powder in the sack instead of kibbles. Look for the lowest carb load. You might want to avoid grains, too, which may cause or contribute to food sensitivities. Watch out for corn (and all its derivatives), wheat, soy, oats and rice. Those first three are the biggies in the anti-grain movement. Oats and rice haven't yet been linked with problems although it seems that some cats cannot tolerate them any better than they can corn, wheat or soy. It appears that you're already trying to avoid some undesirable ingredients.

Read the labels. I've provided a link to a pet food seller. I do not represent the seller in any way but have ordered from them. You can look up ingredient listings for the foods listed and make a decision based on that. It's less awkward than trying to draw comparisons in the store.

Oh, and the dry food that my cats know as Very Special Treats? Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Duck & Pea. It's a high-carb food, higher than some dry, but since it isn't a staple then I'm not so worried.

Sorry to not contribute to the start system, and I hope this helps a little bit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cat foods

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"Star", not "Start".

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Well we tried a few more:

Holistic Select Duck 5 stars
Both of Taste the Wild 2.5 stars
Precise Holistic Complete 4 stars
Natural Balance Green Pea & Duck 2.5 stars
Felidae Grain Free pureELEMENTS 3.5 stars
Felidae Complete Chicken & Rice 3 stars

The size and shape of the Holistic Select was very appealing to my cats.

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i recently owned a dalmatian puppy, i am reading some holistic pet food reviews which i think will help me a lot taking care of this puppy.

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Just curious are you having any vomiting or runny poops with all this changing your cats diets? I sure would be.. I Use Natural balance.have for years and never switch around.

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Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance� L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets� Green Pea & Duck Formula for Cats - 1 star (1 cat ate it & threw up; the other cat won't touch it.)

Solid Gold Indigo Moon - 5 stars. They both love this one.

Solid Gold Katz-n-Floken - 3 stars. They pick at this.

Nutro Max Salmon - 4 stars. They like it, but not as well as the Indigo Moon.

Purina ONE� SmartBlend� Salmon & Tuna Flavor - 4 stars -both cats loved it and did well on it for 2 years until one cat developed skin problems. She is being allergy tested. If it is not allergies, the vet thinks it is behavioral.

Neither will eat canned food. They will pick at meat and fish, except for tuna juice (just the juice - they leave the tuna).

The vet suggested a fish-free food. The duck/pea did not work. What else is out there?

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my cats love the cheap store brand cat food! they refuse to eat anything else. i guess because it has the most fat content in it

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

pjaxson, most children like candy too. It doesn't mean it's the best for them.

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Our boys eat Royal Canin, we combine Indoor adult 27, Special 33, Beauty 35 and a touch of Maine Coon, it's free fed. They also split a can of wet food twice a day.

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Wysong Nurture with pheasant 3 stars for Kibble and 5 plus stars for freeze dried pheasant
GO! Natural grain free Chicken, Turkey and Duck 2 stars
ZiwiPeak Daily cat cuisine Venison & fish 2 stars

PS, the testing of food have been done over a year or more. I'm still getting the normal hairballs throw up. Very funny. Samples of Natural Balance Alpha cat are enroute for free. I wrote to NB about phosphorus amounts and asked for free samples. I'm still trying to find the ones they like with lower phosphorus. I'm looking out for my older boy's kidneys. I'm not seeing my cats have IBD.

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