More bribery pics...

juanitalOctober 4, 2007

Just gotta love him for putting up with me...and for you all putting up with me, too! There's nothing more that I enjoy than sharing here! Hope you don't get tired of my pics...Thanks for putting up with me!

Used Shutter Priority mode...

I have just a few more of the creek and bridge...and then the ending...Of a really good breakfast and picture shoot...


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I really love that first on, the color and all the webs...super!

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I'm glad you like sharing them 'cause I like seeing them. The spider web shots are wonderful. I had to rescue a butterfly out of a web a few days ago. Wrecked the web doing it but wasn't going to let a beautiful butterfly go for spider food. Poor spider probably spent the next night repairing my damage.

I know I've seen that bridge on another photo. There wasn't much fog in the other one. We have had 2 foggy mornings here great for taking pictures but I have to be at the office before dawn so no foggy photos for me.

All good photos. Keep 'em coming. There isn't as much traffic on this forum as one would like. Be nice to have some more regular posters. Hint. Hint. You lurkers post some pix---please.

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Thanx Joan and was like walking in was unreal...the beauty of them glisteining in the dew and fog.

Yes, it would be nice for you lurkers to come on out and show us your pics...We'd like to see what you have!

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