How about O?

awm03October 8, 2010

Don't mean to step on clairdo's parade here, but this alphabet thing has been so much fun, I'm getting eager to progress pass N. So O photos anyone?

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With Halloween rapidly approaching, how about an Owl?

This photo was taken under absolutely the worst of conditions, late afternoon on a cold windy totally overcast day, and I had to shoot through a double layer chain link fence. If you look close the fence wire if faintly visible in the foreground of the pic.

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O is for Oranges.....picked off our neighbor's tree.

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old house and old lady on the left which is me

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Osteospermum? Wow,,I love to shoot pics of flowers but to tell the truth, I barely know weeds from water mellons, and that is sad when one considers I grew up on a dairy farm in Ohio....LOL

Having lived in both Texas & Florida I can testify first hand that nothing tastes better than true tree ripened oranges.

It would appear that Clarido has inadvertently stumbled upon my dream house. It also appears that their are three generations of ladies in that house. Seeing that she is the oldest lady in the picture I will concede that in this instance she may refer to herself as the old lady, but in reality judging by appearance, she is far from what one would call an "Old Lady"

On the other hand, I would like to add an "Old Man". Actually it is a self portrait that I took while out stalking deer. I posted this pic on my Yahoo profile and I have had a dozen ladies ask me if I will come sit in their flower garden as a "Gnome" lawn ornament....LOL

I sent this pic and my profile to the "Lonely Hearts Club" and it came back stamped.."We're not that lonely yet"!!

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