Safe plants for dogs

socksMay 6, 2010

Is there a good online resouce about the safety of garden plants for dogs? My son's puppy tends to eat things in the yard, and I was wondering if we could check the safety of certain plants before putting in any new ones.

UC Davis has a great toxic plant listing, but that would relate to people, and I know dogs are sensitive to things which might not bother people.

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Socks12345, this is the site I use for picking out safe plants for dogs. You can also filter the list for cats, horses, or all three animals.

Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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That's a great link, cindyb. I had no idea so many garden plants were toxic to dogs, including some of the ones I have inside my fence. Thanks for posting it.

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"This list contains plants that have been reported as having systemic effects on animals and/or intense effects on the gastrointestinal tract."

Reported by whom? And how many times? I looked at the list briefly for horses---it lists apples. Really??? I had horses for 20 years, 10 0f those years in a pasture with wild apple trees. It does not list corn(any kind) which can quickly kill a horse.

I have now, or will be planting, many of those plants listed as toxic to dogs(we have two) and have had no problems in two years. Now, the fact my dogs seldom eat any plants(not counting the veggies in their food) may have some effect.

The ASPCA is a wonderful organization, but it seems to me that list is a bit ridiculous.

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Thank you for the helpful link, Cindy. I'll pass it along to my son. His little Westie is bad about eating things in the yard, and DS recently had a trip to the vet over something he ate.

Handymac, obviously the list isn't perfect. Haven't we seen people feed horses apples? Sure! Maybe the quantity eaten by the horse has to be large.

Anyway, this list is probably the best thing going.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I couldn't get past the "a"s. American Holly. How many people plant hollies? Almost everybody and unless the dogs chew on the trunks, (do dogs do that?) the leaves and berries are fine. And American Hollies are in all the woods around my house.

I find most of these lists to be ridiculous, like the warnings given on pharmaceutical commercials. Yes, most things are toxic but that's life. Don't eat bacon, btw.

However, there are some very dangerous plants in which every part of the plant is poisonous and those plants I will never have in my yard. My dogs do dig and may accidentally eat a piece.
Oleander, Foxglove and Angels Trumpets are a few off the top. These lists rarely distinguish between the deathly and the marginal and most people can't dig up their whole yard so they don't bother eliminating or never buying the deadly plants so common.

Lowes had a bunch of foxgloves recently...they sold out quick.

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Sounds like the westie is bored or not getting the right nutrition. Check the bag of dog food - your son may want to switch to a better brand. Better dog food means less eating, less poop and a healthier dog. The other main cause of eating things the dog is not suppose to is boredom. The Westie should be getting daily leash walks, trips to a local dog park, or lake, creek or river. You can teach a dog not to eat things by providing toys and teaching the dog what not to chew on as well as what is okay to chew on. It would be good to break the dog of this habit before it is too ingrained. Dogs swalling things that are no good for them can be expensive and can be detrimental to the dogs well being. Hope you all can solve the underlying issues soon. Good luck

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If you read the description behind the picture of the plant, it will explain why the plant made the list. In the case of apples, the leaves and seeds contain cyanide and the symptoms listed are mild. In the case of foxglove, the symptoms listed are very severe.

BTW, this list is compiled by the National Animal Poison Control Center, which is a part of the SPCA. They have a toll free number that you can call if you think your animal has ingested a poison (plant or otherwise). Very important for all pet owners to know about them and use them as a resource if your animal gets into something it should not.

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Thanks, Mazer. This puppy is just fine...gets to the park, dog park, even the beach or a walk every day. He also has opportunities to play with neighbor dogs. He eats quality dog food, not from the grocery store. He's just learning about the world with his mouth! LOL!

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If one used that list one might as well pave their yard. And also a lot of the pictures they have don't even have the right names.Why not just name the very few really toxic ones instead of just about every plant a dog has had an upset from. Maybe ate too many or just happens to be allergic to that plant.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Since azaleas are on the list for dogs, I consider that a useless list.

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Extreme silliness as far as I am concerned. We live on 58 acres and our dog has the run of it all. She eats stuff and sometimes she throws up. I truly doubt that she would eat enough of anything to kill her though. Never had a pet get sick (or die) of something growing outdoors.

Yep, I'm old and have had many decades of experience with dogs, cats, chickens, birds, and gardens growing everything I love.

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