I bribed my hubby---I'll cook you breakfast...you take me out--

juanitalOctober 4, 2007

so I can get some pics---breakfast served at 6:30am...I just new I had to with all the fog that was out there...teheee!

I think I posted most of these in order...Sorry, I couldn't just post 1 set...Another will follow!

Thanks for looking!


Olympus SP-510UZ

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I love your photos. The one one the top of this post especially blows me away.

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Junaita, you sure live in a beautiful area...and you really do it justice!

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Agree with Mare. The first one is so surreal--great. The corn reminds me of my area. Do you live in the midwest?

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Thanx y'all....

Bean, live in NE OH...near PA and W VA borders.

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