Hypoallergenic Dog Recommendations

saphireMay 7, 2013

We have a large family with kids from ages 8 up.

I am around most of the time so can train a puppy. I have had dogs before and we recently fostered a dog that my children were great about walking.

I know that nothing is ever truly hypoallergenic but I seemed to have developed mild allergies to cats and dogs. My niece who spends a weekend with us a few times a year and visits often is SEVERLY allergic to dogs.

I considered a goldendoodle but then read some study that showed they were just as bad if not worse at producing dander than your basic mutt. Anyone know if this is true? I may look into getting an F1B with the hopes that it will be less reactive than an F1. Anyone have thoughts on this? Plus I am shocked at the range of prices for what is essentially a mutt. One web site wanted 500 and another wanted 2000. Since you cannot show or breed them, why would they charge so much? Why such a difference? How do I find a reputable breeder?

I was considering a poodle. A friends poodle from the 1980s was probably the coolest, smartest, sweetest dog I ever met. However, I met a poodle over the weekend who is just psycho (bites without warning and then is friendly) and his owner basically told me she believes that this is typical of poodles. Just what she said, I have no idea. I would consider a minature or standard.

I have visted and looked at shelters in my area but younger (I would take a dog up to age 2) hypo breeds are not readily available.

In general I am not a fan of terriers. We are fairly mellow and they are not (I know that is a generalization). Wheaten terriers sound like they would be too hyper for my house,

Sizewise anything from a miniature poodle size to standard poodle would be fine.

Finally, I am lost as to how to find a reputable breeder. Plus I really will not buy a dog sight unseen. Do I just keep hitting web sites?

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I don't know of a hypoallergenic dog but I have had poodles and my in-laws have 3 poodles and that is not typical of the breed. They are very smart dogs. Your friend probably bought a Pet Shop puppy mill dog with poor breeding behind it? Try and find a reputable breeder and never buy from a pet shop. I love poodles, they are smart and docile normally.

OH and they do sell some shampoo to help with the dog allergies. I've heard it works but I am not sure.

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One way to meet a huge variety of dogs as well as serious, dedicated, long-term breeders is to attend a couple of all-breed dog shows. Except for when the dogs are just about to enter the ring for their classes, you will find that the owners, breeders, handlers, and groomers are more than willing to talk to you, answer all of your questions, and let you meet their dogs. These people DO NOT want their precious pups to end up in the wrong home and they will be BRUTALLY honest about whether a breed is right for you. Plus you get up close and personal with so many kinds of dogs! Besides their own dogs, breeders often know of other dogs that are available in the area.

To find shows near you, go to www.infodog.com, then click Show Information, then click Search by State. InfoDog lists all kinds of shows and events including all-breed, specific breed or group, obedience, agility, and so forth, so you can really get a great idea of what the various breeds can do and what you can do with them.

Also, try breed-specific rescue groups. Dogs end up in rescue for a lot of reason, not always because they have problems. You can find groups on the Internet - just google 'poodle rescue' or whatever. You can also meet a lot of great dogs and people at adoption/rescue events - google 'dog adoption event' or 'dog rescue event'.

It may take a bit longer to go the breed rescue route, if you are looking for something very specific, but if you are seriously looking, it's worth meeting and staying in contact with the various groups so that they'll remember you when an appropriate dog comes into their care.

Oh, and (never had one, but have known many) ALL poodles are NOT psycho biters!!!

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: InfoDog dog shows by state:

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