HELP why is my cat peeing on my bed

StormieDMay 11, 2014

My cat has been taking to vet she has no health issues.
She went two weeks without peeing on my bed and it started a month ago.
I took her to the vet when it first started they gave me medicine and food for her urine health and it went away.
Two weeks went by she eats and drinks plenty and she even still uses her litter box to pee and poop.
But she still continues to pee everyday in the same area
I have cleaned cover after cover, sheets after sheets, and I've even gotten the urine out of the mattress.
I took the mattress out to extreme deep clean it tonight and just have the box spring.
I am laying on the box spring she just comes and squats down and pees on my knee and the pillow and then leaves.
Her health is fine nothing has changed same food and litter.
Keep the litter box clean every day always has food and water.
Please help if you know anything I dont want to get rid of her but im getting threatened to be kicked out because of it or get rid of her.

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If you are able to keep her out of your sleep area altogether do so.

I had an elderly cat that started peeing in a walkway. I tried everything else and finally placed a litterbox over the spot--which luckily worked.

Possibly if you moved your bed away from the area a bit and placed a litterbox right there it would help, but imo this cat has found a way to get your immediate attention with some other aim in mind, such as going outside or being fed.

You could also try placing him or her in a crate, with a tiny litterbox into which you place the cleanup materials from his or her recent "accident" to see if that would get the message across, but it has to be done instantly after the transgression.

Additionally, if the cat is allowed to go outside, you could give it tasty cat treats each time it signals a desire to go outside to you.

It is highly possible that cat has been sending you signals that you have not been picking up on, and it is treating you like Helen Keller was by her teacher. Read up a bit on cat communication strategies and see if that will help.

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You mentioned the vet gave you medicine and 'it went away'. Have you had the cat retested since it was treated with the medication? It's very possible that the meds didn't completely cure her of the infection and she may need another type of med.
Also, consider any changes that may have occurred within your's possible something in the home could be stressing your cat.

Spraying/urinating has been discussed before on this forum so I'm linking one thread that may be of help to you. It's worth taking the info to your vet and discussing it with him/her.

Here is a link that might be useful: urinating

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First make sure her cat box is clean daily.Two -are there other cats around? If so you may have to Add more cat boxes and do something to discourage other cats from the area.....good luck

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All the responses are good. I have a friend with 5 cats. One was urinating outside the box. She had a urinary infection. She was also at the bottom of the totem pole. The other cats would follow her when she went to use it.

The vet advised getting another litter box so the cat wouldn't feel hemmed in sharing the others with the more dominant cats. General rule is to have one more box than you have cats.

Here is a link from a vet at Cornell U that might be useful.

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Toni S

Stormie, has your cat changed her ways?
I don't think the previous responders read your post very well or they wouldn't repeat what you have already given answers to.
It's one thing to bend over backwards for a cat but you have done what you needed to do without following her around 24/7 . Her peeing on your leg right at the same area, wow, that would make me see red, especially when she does use the litter box.
I have seen covers that send off alarms when liquid is applied to them. Possibly, She may be startled and quit going there. Chances are she'll find a new spot tho. Cat pee is horrible stuff on furniture as you already know. Some cats just don't learn.

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