Split Rock Lighthouse...

joan_mnOctober 26, 2010

north of Duluth, MN, on Lake Superior.

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That is breathtaking. Looks like a good place to freeze in winter too, LOL! Was it cold when you took the photo?

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No, but I wouldn't want to be there today.

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Same thoughts as Awm's, ;)....It's little windy and cold down this way today, 53 today and 45, 2maro-wish the inevitable didn't have to come!!! :(

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Great shot,,,Lighthouses are always interesting subjects because no two lighthouses are the same.

A few years ago I was a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and took a very extensive coastal navigation course. In the course they pointed out that all lighthouses have differences in both architecture and paint schemes. In this manner when viewed from sea during the day they present a different silhouette and coloration. Some have vertical stripes, some horizontal stripes and some have spiral stripes like a candy cane. The silhouette and color scheme is then published in the Mariners Almanac so a navigator can confirm which lighthouse he/she is looking at. At night they all exhibit differing light patterns for positive ID and the light pattern is printed on the navigation charts.

Many of the old lighthouses have now been phased out by more modern navigation aids and they have now been turned over to private organizations that permit public tours. Having toured the lighthouse at Pensacola, Florida I found it very enlightening (no pun intended,,,LOL). Back in the days before electricity the lighthouse keeper lived in the attached house and every 4 or 5 hours they had to carry 5gal buckets of whale oil up to the top to fill the lamps.

The mirror mechanism was powered by a huge mechanical clockworks type motor that had a weight that extended down the tower. Every time they filled the lamp they had to pull that weight back to the top in the same manner as lifting the weight in a grandfather clock.

It is said that many a lighthouse keeper went stir crazy from the solitude. By example, at Pensacola light they had a keeper that lived in the lighthouse with his wife, only having contact with the outside world about once or twice a month as a supply boat brought them oil for the light and groceries. The keepers wife went nuts and killed her husband. She was then convicted of murder and the court sentenced her to life, however instead of sending her to prison the court sentenced her to serve her time tending the light.

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Joan mn...thanks so much for posting this beautiful photo! I used to live right down the north shore in Duluth. Did you go to Gooseberry Falls? :)

It's a beautiful place, but I have to admit I'm glad to live in a warmer place now.

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Very interesting info, lazypup.
PF, because it was nearing peak leaf color, we couldn't even get near Gooseberry Falls. I've never seen so many cars lined up to get in there! We have been there many times before, though.

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