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reneenyApril 8, 2011

Hello again

hello Kitty (black and white feral kitten/12 months old now)

has FeLV. He's been a inside cat since Feb. 14th. He's on Chinese Herbs, EFA vitamin supplements, Fellovite II, and Predisolone 5 mg (1 pill a day) The holistic vet said he would be on Predisolone for the rest of his life. BUT I just picked up his pills for Predisolone for 90 days and it cost me $60.00 dollars.

So was wondering if anyone uses a pet pharmacy on line and if they did "WHO"


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I am not going to ask why your cat is pred for his Felv (just seems odd) but I can certainly recommend NOT using a pet pharmacy for something like a super cheap human medication like prednisolone. Get a script and order a large quantity from Walmart or Costco and it should a miniscule fraction of the cost (even from our pet clinic 90 days of pred would probably not cost that much, and I know most pet clinics charge a premium cost). It is a human generic medication and is 'dirt cheap'. But from a pet pharmacy it will probably cost a LOT more.

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Like the above poster.. again.. WHY prednisolone for life for FeLV?? Before spending more money on this drug, I would ask for a second opinion. Money wisely spent that might save you $$$ later!

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There might be other reasons the vet prescribed dex. Sheesh. Don't scare her.

I agree with the visit to Walmart.

Good luck.

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You need to be wary of conterfeit prescription medications they are rampant both in veterinary and human practices...Many on line pharmacies are bogus, If you do buy from an on line pharmacy, do your research, check labels carefully and make sure they are licensed...good luck

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I have been purchasing one of my cat's RXs through Walmart for 5 years now. It's been an okay experience. Price is fair and it accomplishes the end goal. I am considering switching her RX to kvvet online. Their prices seem to be a little bit better than WM for her med right now, and I've already been dealing with them for another RX of hers. They have been super to work with-- one of my more recent complaints about my local WM is that I can't even get through on the phone to the automated system much of the time, so it's hard to get a refill requested and check to see if it is ready. (I think you can do it online, but don't know).

I've also dealt with valleyvet.com in years past and been happy with them. So along with checking WM, I would also recommend checking valleyvet and kvvet. See what feels right to you. I can tell you that any time I've ever called kvvet or valleyvet, I get a friendly and helpful rep on the line.

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Walgreens has a pet prescription program. Costs $20/year & saves money on every prescription.
Our dog has glaucoma - takes any different eye drops & meds & I've found the Walgreens program to be the least expensive & most convenient.

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