Redroze's Finished White and Espresso Kitchen

redrozeMarch 15, 2009

So...I was waiting for a couple of things to happen until I posted finished kitchen photos. I was waiting for our kitchen table and chairs (ordered and on the way) to come in. I was waiting to figure out how to accessorize my open shelves. I was waiting for our desk chair to arrive and for my husband to purchase the computer monitor. I was waiting to pick up a beautiful rose bouquet to throw in a vase and place on our island. I was waiting to figure out how to take better photos with my new digital camera (and Christmas gift from my husband). And finally, I was waiting for the perfect overcast sky in which to take these photos. And then I thought, to heck with it!!!

I spontaneously decided to just post the near-finished photos tonight. I'll post finished/finished-finished/no-really-finished photos on my website once all of the above happens, so feel free to visit it again in a couple of weeks. But for now, enjoy!

This forum has some of the most generous and spirited people I have ever encountered. I loved and still love coming to a place where people are as enamoured with design and details as much as I am, and dedicate so much time into making their house into a home. I love reading your stories and helping out whenever I can. I wanted to celebrate the success of our kitchen with all of you, and thank you as deeply as one can in the online world, because I can honestly say that our kitchen would never have turned out this way if I didn't "find" all of you on GW. So, thank you.

Click on the link to my website below for more photos and all the details.

Redroze's White and Espresso Kitchen

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Stunning design and those pendants!!!!! Sigh

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So difficult to decide on my favorite detail...the glass front cabinet, the gorgeous floor, the dark island and desk, the perfect hardware, or the amazingly simple, but striking and unusual backsplash. It's all wonderful, close up and from the more distant view! Enjoy, enjoy!

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It turned out so beautiful, congratulations! All of your thought and
hard work paid off. So many great details, I know you are already
enjoying it!

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Well, I already knew I was in love with your kitchen before you posted these photos. What a marvelous space in its entirety! But, now that I have read your blog, I'm not just in love with your kitchen . . . I'm in love with redroze! What fantastic journaling! That has to be one of the most clear, comprehensive, and totally helpful of all kitchen reno chronicles and advice I have ever seen. There is so much to learn and appreciate from your remodel process. Thank you!

Back to the kitchen itself for a minute, I'm like rhome in not being sure what I like most. But I must tell you that I am struck by the way you framed your window with the crown and the cabinetry! Love both the open shelving to the left of the window and the tall glass front cabinet to the right! Love the dramatic window treatments on one side and the pillars on the other! Love the granite! Love the pendants! Love the color play! Oh, heck, love it all! Many, many congratulations, redroze! All the kudos you are going to receive on this reno are so very much deserved!

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Absolutely stunning. Great job, you will enjoy this for years to come!

Is that an induction cooktop? If yes, what brand? Is the small drawer functional?

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You have turned your house into a home! Your passion for design, function, and detail are evident.
What a lovely new space - I think your previous cabs look just like my old ones sans the handles - were they metal?

The hood is fine, I personally am not a fan of a hood, of all things to be a huge focal point - I think some punches of color, perhaps hanging some lovely dishes above will suit the area fine.

I totally agree w/you about the subs - sorry you had that experience w/the flooring - but I'm sure you are pleased that you allowed that timeline buster take place.

Can't wait to see guest & master bzths - love your inspiration photos!

What are you enjoying most about the new space?

Enjoy - job well done

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Just beautiful, everything. I love the whole light, open feel and charming details, like the open shelving, the hardware, the cabinets, and the faucet and pendants are like jewelry. Really lovely! I'm glad you didn't keep us waiting any longer!

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So GORGEOUS!!! I love your granite - it's so perfect with your two cabinet colors! And the barstools are a perfect mix of modern. Everything is just perfect!

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What a warm and inviting kitchen. I love the espresso floors!! I am in awe of how well thought out the layout is.

I am sure you will enjoy it for years to come.

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It's great to finally see the "big picture"! Your teasers have been wonderfully tantalizing, but seeing the whole thing is much more satisfying. You must be so pleased with your beautiful new space. It's so calming, and your attention to detail really paid off. Congratulations!!

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It is really gorgeous --- classic and timeless, and I feel those words don't quite do it justice! I am just starting a kitchen design for a new home. I have been saving magazine clippings and have a giant binder. I will circle every element in your kitchen! I was wondering if you would mind sharing the pendant light manufacturer. Fabulous kitchen --- Congratulations!

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Fabulous! I was waiting for the photos, after having seen peaks of it when you posted re a sectional. Everything looks elegant, bright but also cozy, and just plain awesome.

Did you say that you were going to backsplash over on the espresso side of the units?

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Gorgeous job!! Thought the first picture was right out of a magazine! Love the backsplash and the inset cabinets most of all. A very serene, peaceful space. Flows well into the next room too--entertaining there should be so much fun! Enjoy!


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Beautiful kitchen! I love the glass front cabinet and the display shelves near your sink. Enjoy--you deserve it!

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I love every last thing about your kitchen! Highlights for me include the gorgeous pendants, drapery finials, deep rich color on your floors and island, and the clever simple cabinetry style valance for your window. I really enjoyed your website and remembered the flooring stain issue when it came up. Your website is one of the best kitchen renovation documentations I've seen - and I've spent a ridiculous amt of time perusing kitchen renos. I'm so glad you posted today without waiting. Raising a glass and toasting your lovely kitchen.(It's 9am so it's tea, but I'll raise a real glass later.)

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Wow - stunning! Your attention to detail really shows in how well all of the elements come together for a sophisticated, welcoming, and functional kitchen.

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I love your kitchen. Thanks for posting new photos. I remember when you were posting about the valance size over the window :)
Great to see the (almost there) progress!!

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I've been waiting for your final pictures for a while! I'm so glad to see everything turned out so well for you. I love the pendants, the layout, the dark/light cabs, faucet... everything!!

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LOVE IT! I knew I would.

Great to see it all together. I can't get enough of those hefty, elegant Aubrey pulls. I just want to wrap my hand around one. I used some of your earlier clippings to show my cabinetmaker. Thanks for sharing and enjoy !!!!!!!

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Congratulations. Beautiful kitchen. I love your pendant lights, your granite and the overall look/feel of the space. Enjoy!

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Hi Red!!!

Well, it was certainly worth the wait! How stunning is your kitchen? I've enjoyed every thread and pic, from the beginning all the way through to completion.

From the first pics of your dreamy granite slabs, to your call-out to the forum for help in locating your absolutely perfect backsplash tiles, to the hanging of your crowning jewels (your pendant lights), to today's unveiling (with the link to your awesome website!) I've wanted to see more, more, more--I've loved it all!

You've done an outstanding job, and I hope you will enjoy your breathtaking kitchen for many years to come!

Kudos to you!

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Your attention to detail and layering of finishes and shapes have given the space a real elegance that also includes the warmth and character you want in a kitchen. Congratulations.

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Beautiful kitchen! Love the way it all comes together - looks like a lovely warm space to work in, hang out in, have a glass of wine in while someone else cooks, etc. ;-)

Great blog, too. I like the lessons learned part.


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AAAAHHHHHHH! I LOVE YOUR KITCHEN!!!!!! need I say more??? my goodness, it is just gorgeous!! The draperies and fun items on the open shelving are really making it all come together. I really can't wait to see your gorgeous table and chairs (I'm still on the hunt for mine - eeek!). I love the up-close and personal shots of the the granite - it is just stunning, stunning, stunning! I'm celebrating for you :o)


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great kitchen, great website with tons of useful information. well done.

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It has been a long journey, but well worth it, you have one of my favorite kitchens on GW (and you are one of my favorite people :) The kitchen turned out beautifully. You have not only thought through every detail so carefully, you have shared that information every step of the way with us and now so completely in your finished kitchen posting. Thank you for all I have learned from you and for the gracious way you share with us and give your opinion. Your kitchen is gorgeous!

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Really lovely, redroze! And thanks for all the details in your blog.

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let me wipe away a tear....ok, that's better....SPECTACULAR!

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Your kitchen is beautiful!!


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Fantastic!!!! And the blog is wonderful. I so remember your floor debacle and you were so right to insist that they redo it to get the color dark enough. Really beautiful! Congratulations.

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Spectacular! Your kitchen is perfect and thank you for sharing all your very helpful information. You are a huge inspiration to me!

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Wow! Another beautiful kitchen. Details were so informative. What you learned etc. very helpful. Details I see are what makes a kitchen not so much cabinets. ie hardware, faucets, sinks. If it were not for this website I would not have given that nearly the consideration I am now. Your pictures speak to the details! Cabinets are beautiful but details! Good job.

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sooooooo glad i didn't miss this as i have been a little sporatic lately. one word, ELEGANT. but the second word that comes to my mind is inviting. i totally wish i could hang out in that kitchen/family room area. you are going to love it for years to come. i too can't pick just one thing that i love the most. it just all flows together so nicely. unbelievable job and you have also been so helpful to others along the way!!!!!!

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REALLY beautiful!!! It's so clean and crisp!

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I think it is simply gorgeous. You have been so kind to share advice and pics before you were finished. Thank you and I am happy to see you are enjoying your space.

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Soooo beautiful. I just love the wall of draperies and the open shelves. Your hardware is absolutely perfect; always loved it in your space. And that layout must be the best I've ever seen. I know what you mean by "finished-finished", but is it ever really? :) If everything was truly finished, what would we spend our time doing?

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YAY!! I've been following your progress from the begining. One of the most gorgeous, elegant kitchens I've seen.

You have been a great help to me with my reno, thanks for all of your input.

I'll be looking forward to another post with the new table and chairs!!


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WOW! I'm not a fan of granite, vut that is stunning. What a beautiful kitchen.

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So nice to see the final (well almost final) pictures. Don't tell me your house is always that immaculate!!! :>) Hard to pick one favorite, but I'd have to say it's those wonderful pendant lights!

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I'm so flattered everyone, thanks!!! =)

I love that everyone is responding well to the website. I am super super stoked about that, actually. I hope the new folks can take some ideas and build it into their own plans. I learned so much from others here.

Ebse - The cooktop is electric and from Kitchenaid. We may eventually replace it with an induction, but have really loved the electric one so far. SO easy to clean with the touch controls. Are you asking about the drawer below the cooktop? It's actually a false panel that we put a pull on just to make it look like a drawer.

Jejvtr - What I am enjoying most, hands down, is being able to eat cereal at the island!! Our old island didn't have an overhang. It is such a luxury to be able to hang out at the island, it is really my favourite spot.

Chloe s mom - We didn't have any plans to backsplash over the espresso side. Once we wall mount the monitor, we'll see if it needs a little something extra. I wouldn't want to put anything there that would detract from the monitor. One idea is to put a bulletin board covered with fabric and string over it (I don't think I'm describing it well), that we can stick notes on.

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Another beautiful white kitchen - well done! Especially love your backsplash, bar stools. Question: how do you like your KitchenAid FD fridge and dishwasher? Which models did you get? We are thinking of KA for these two products and would appreciate your input. Thanks!

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I've been waiting with anticipation to see your "reveal". I have followed your progress & we've communicated often throughout as we've been involved in the process of kitchen planning, construction, demolition and rebuilding. I've mentioned that yours has been much of an "inspiration kitchen" to me. Mine will now, as it turns out(and as you advocate in your guidance), be a fair bit different, but I have long been guided by the fresh and yet traditional aesthetic of your design.

I hope you have many years of delight from the kitchen!!

P.S.- Now I need another detail- the Urban something barstools- what is the name of this product? I was looking on the site but was not sure if I was looking at the same one. I love them!

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Glad to see the final reveal. It's a beautiful kitchen. I had always wondered about the "before" pictures. Wow--the transformation is nothing short of astonishing. Happy cooking!

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Beautiful! All these kitchens are so inspirational! Enjoy that cereal, if you are like us, it's about all we will be able to afford after the reno! ;)

Kat :)

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RR, I have so enjoyed following the progress of your beautiful and well thought out kitchen (even a bit more than most because I know youÂre a Torontonian too and who knows, we may have passed each other on the street some timeÂ). I especially love your web site! I'm just in the process of gathering all my pix and finishing chronicling our progress for a GW posting, and you have set a new standard of excellence!

Enjoy your beautiful kitchen and your cereal :-)


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Those lamps are hidious (can you box them up and send them to me please?) :oP

I knew this was going to end up being a gorgeous kitchen from the early days. You've exceeded expectations. I love it and I'll bet you REALLY do!

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I am so happy reading all of your posts!! It's so interesting that the things you think are mistakes at the time (the valance is one of them) are viewed by a good thing by others. It just goes to show that sometimes you get too engrossed in the specifics that you need to look big picture.

I'm also so pleased about the notes about it being inviting and welcoming. That is SO representative of how we feel in our kitchen, and when we bring family and friends over. I had really hoped it was coming across in the photos as I sometimes worried the photos were too stark...but love that it's coming across to all of you!!

Also happy for those of you taking clippings. Clip away!

Laxsupermom - I am so flattered by your comment about the website. Thank you.

Marthavila - Thanks so much for your note!

Katieob - You're getting the Aubreys too? YOu're gonna love them. They're substantial but oh so comfortable too.

Catmom - Hello old friend!! You reminded me of all the posts where I fretted and came to GW for help. You were one of many who helped me out, to which I am so grateful for.

Plucky - You're one of my favourites as well!!

Raehelen - I'm awfully neat, so I'd be lying if I said I often have tons of things on the counter. We have more storage than we need so everything is usually tucked away. DH's hiding ideas helped a ton!!

Just noticed a few questions that I missed.

Jejvtr - My previous cabinets were laminate, and we painted them grey to go with the greyish tile floors. The handles were a dark silvery/black metal. I definitely want to add some punches of colour here and there...can't wait to inject some touches of colour actually, as I've loved the hits on the open shelving.

Mythreesonsnc - The pendant light manufacturer is Turn of the Century Lighting, in Toronto Canada. Their website is here. The pendants were the splurge, meaning that we spent more on them then we would normally would have. They were a "must have" in the space!!

Kulagal - I'm sorry to say that I don't know what the model is for the KD fridge, but the dishwasher model link is here,. They are both performing wonderfully.

Bdaykitchen - Hello, your kitchen's not like mine but it's going to be outstanding!! The barstools are the Dave ones...they look distorted on the Urban Barn website, like too wide or something.

Elizpiz - Can't wait to see your finished kitchen photos!! Please don't feel pressured to have to document the details like I did -- I went this route, but have read many other finished kitchen posts that were more minimal but still very engaging. I too, have wondered whether I've passed you on the street!!

Igloo - Dear Igloo, as much as I adore your posts I'm going to have keep the pendants. ;-)

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Beautiful kitchen! I love the dark floors-mine are quite dark, too, but my kitchen is nowhere near finished so it is great to see dark floors in such a stunning finished kitchen!

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Now that's a sweet looking kitchen. Love the granite.

One question regarding your under cabinet outlets shown on your website. Are those to code (in the Toronto area)? If you got a permit and they were approved, then thats awesome but I though you couldn't have regular romex exposed like that. Just curious since I'm coming up with ideas for details such as that.

Great job,


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redroze - Congratulations on a fantastic kitchen!!! You took both modern and traditional elements and pulled them together beautifully. Your kitchen is timeless and I'm sure you will enjoy it for years to come.

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Hi redroze,

Your kitchen looks wonderful!! I haven't been on gardenweb long enough to have seen your posts in the planning stages, but it's very evident that a LOT of time went into it.

My kitchen is still in progress, and I'm glad I found gardenweb before entirely finishing. This is very odd, but I can now picture what I hope my kitchen will look like since seeing yours! To explain that, my layout will be very similar with the range in the same location and an island in the same location. Our cabinets will be white with the island stained dark, as well as very dark floors. The thing I haven't figured out is the backsplash.

I hope mine looks even half as good as yours! Congrats on being finished!!

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Advertguy - We live in the GTA and DH says the undercabinet outlets are to code. Next time we see our GC though, I will ask him just to be sure.

Aubie - Happy to provide the visual for you! I was always excited to find magazines or online photos that were similar, just I got a better sense of what it would look like.

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Redroze - Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous kitchen. I have been reading everything here for months and have enjoyed snippets of your kitchen.

I really appreciate what you wrote on your website about appreciating your own kitchen. I have a small kitchen and I compare it constantly to all these gorgeous kitchens (yours) with envy. Thanks for sharing - enjoy! Kris

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Absolutely stunning!! Your kitchen is gorgeous. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! You have an incredible talent!! My favorite part is the espresso black cabinets- so chic! I'll bet you are thrilled - really wonderful job!! You should be so proud!

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I've been bypassing your kitchen because I wanted time to really take in EVERY BEAUTIFUL DETAIL! My favorite are the open display shelves.

Thought I'd need to hunt to see it all. (I was expecting a photobucket link). Your blog is fantastic! Thanks!

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Hi redroze - sorry, meant to say this in my previous post and forgot. I love that you included a section in your website for what you felt you were really happy with vs. what you'd do differently. I was especially glad to see your comment about covering the floors really well during the remainder of construction. We were considering having the floors completely finished prior to installing cabinets, painting, etc. but then I thought better of it! We are planning to try just having the floors installed and the the staining / refinishing existing floors AFTER everything else. I've seen what happens with the contractors in my house and I doubt the floors would be intact even if they were entirely covered!

Also, your comment about using subs recommended by your GC - one would think that would make perfect sense and would work out much better. You guys were very lucky to have a great GC! Unfortunately, in our case, our GC didn't have a very good list of subs, so some of them were absolutely horrible. We almost wished that we'd just told them to leave and gotten our own by the time they were done, but that would have slowed things down even more. One of his subs took forever to finish and kept just disappearing, only to act as if he was doing us a favor when he finally returned!! He also kept trying to raise his original price quoted every time he thought the job was actually more work than he expected. Never again will I put up with that! There are so many people out of work right now and I'm sure one of them would be glad to step in!

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red, your kitchen is gorgeous! I'm so happy for you to be 'almost' done! Congratulations!


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Krissd - I'm glad that note meant something to you.

Willowdecor - Thanks SO much for your enthusiasm!! I'm giddy from your note because I just adore your kitchen and pantry!!!!

Cotehele - That's so sweet.

Thanks Sandy/Busybme!

Aubie - Just a note that most people with hardwood (including me) install their floors first, then do the stain and one or two coats of poly (because you do NOT want to get floor stain on your cabinets!!), then the final coat of poly after everything is installed. Your note seemed to suggest that you're installing the floors after the cabinets are in, so I would highly advise against that!! I'm sorry that your GC experience didn't go well with the sub hires. I agree that our situation with our friend/GC was unique and it saddens me that not everyone can have a positive experience as us.

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Hi redroze,

Just to clarify, we were planning to have the new floors installed before cabinets, but stain and poly put on after (the floor company we are using puts on 4 coats of poly). So would it be highly likely that they would get the floor stain on the cabinets?? It would be fine if just the toekick area (we're planning on having stainless steel for all the toekicks, so it could go on after the floors were stained (and cover anything that got on them!). There seems to be no really good time for doing the floors!! That's the part I'm most worried about.

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Hi Aubie,

You're right, I stressed about the floors too as there's no "right" time. We got a looong scratch on our floors when they moved the fridge in, and all we got was a last coat of poly after that. We also got a few hard dings when they moved out the old fridge from the laundry room. (Argh, what is it with fridges??) So it looks like we'll have to do one last screening then a final coat of poly.

I know they can keep the toekicks out...I'd prefer for them to do the stain before the cabs go in, but you may want to post on the flooring forum to get others' advice and experience.

Good luck.

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Thanks, redroze. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one obsessing over things like this :) I know what you mean about the fridges - it seems that something is ruined every time they have to be moved. I actually did post on the flooring and remodeling forums, so will see if I get any responses. Enjoy your kitchen! I'm so jealous that you're done :)

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your kitchen is a joy to behold ...lovely! i hope you enjoy many years of happy meals!

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Sigh, so lovely! I'm a sucker for a classic white kitchen, and yours is so tastefully executed. You must feel so happy every time you walk in!

I love your choice in counter stools. I really like how they fade into your island and don't detract from its nice lines. They look comfy too.

Congratulations on your gorgeous new space!


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I really love your kitchen. I love your cabinets and that counter is stunning! The dark floor is gorgeous with the white cabinets. What is the wall color since I love that also?

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Just wanted to say I adore your kitchen, and have enjoyed reading your posts over the past few months. Especially the "DH wants this and I want that". We can all relate to that. Glad to see that you've been able to agree to such beautiful choices in this very sophisticated kitchen.

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We just got a phone call that our table stain sample is ready, so the table should be done soon too!! The photo on the Woodcraft website doesn't do it justice.

Thanks for the wonderful comments. One person that i'm hoping will see this post is Rmkitchen. Has anyone seen here around?

Aubie - It's been 10 months since the demo so this reveal has been a long time coming!!

Kate - Thanks for the note!! Somehow meals taste better in our new kitchen, and there's much more prep space. I picture myself making jams in the summertime...always wanted to have a kitchen where you can make jams and pickles and stuff.

Erika - The stools are SO comfy. Many a time, we have sat at the counters with our laptops and just hung out. Our friend said it's like having an Internet cafe, LOL. I can even cross my legs...that's a requirement for me for dining chairs, that I can cross my legs!!

Lynn - The wall colour is Benjamin Moore Natural Cream. I originally thought we should do something more grey, but now that I see the big picture I realized that the pale warmth of the Natural Cream adds an overall coziness to the kitchen and family room that a grey paint just could not achieve.

Debsan - Yes, our kitchen is really a melding of decisions from me and DH. We both instantly loved the granite which became a jumping off point for the colour scheme. Then there were things that I thought would be perfect (ex. pendants) and that he was more comfortable "test driving" first, which made him nervous as they were not returnable. He prefers to test things out in our space, whereas I can look at photos and imagine what it would look like. In the end, it works out!!

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Bumping this in the hopes that Rmkitchen will see this (if you haven't already). Where are you RM?

    Bookmark   March 27, 2009 at 8:12AM
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Hi Redroze,

Just wondering if you asked your GC about the electrical for your under cabinet lighting?


    Bookmark   March 27, 2009 at 8:59AM
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Hey advertguy, yes I did and he said that it is within code but he did not get a permit. Do you need anymore specific info?

    Bookmark   March 27, 2009 at 3:52PM
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Naw, I'm good. Thanks for finding out.

    Bookmark   March 27, 2009 at 4:06PM
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I'll do my part to bump this up for rm to see!

We're having our upstairs re-painted in a couple of weeks (kitchen/LR/DR/hallway...). Might end up using BM White 01 again (but in the Aura paint, matte finish, which is why we are re-painting so soon--I fell in love with that paint while renovating a bathroom). One of the other whites I am considering is "your" Chantilly Lace. After reading your description of it, it sounded like a white I might like as well (for my walls). Will be painting sample whites on our walls over the next few days, and make a decision soon.

I might not have included Chantilly Lace as a possibility had it not been for you. No matter which white we choose, I'll be happy that we'll have included a "redroze-endorsed" color in our decision-making process!

Thanks for providing such descriptive details!!! :-)

    Bookmark   March 27, 2009 at 7:04PM
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Wow! Timeless and stunning, elegantly simple, what else can I say?

    Bookmark   March 27, 2009 at 8:48PM
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I just can't stop looking at your kitchen! It's unbelievably beautiful! That granite is to dye for....

    Bookmark   March 27, 2009 at 8:53PM
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Redroze, I've enjoyed the story of your developing kitchen since I started reading GW. I think one of the first posts I read was about your floors, where you didn't like the stain, and had them completely redone. I have to admit at the time that I thought you were crazy. But over the last several months I've come to realize that you understand that beauty is in the details, and that good enough is not always good enough. Now look at the gorgeous result of all the details you stressed over in your project. You've also been so generous to share all that you've learned along the way. You have an eye for design so I always enjoy reading your opinions. Congratulations on your beautiful space.

    Bookmark   March 27, 2009 at 9:41PM
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Hi Redroze -
Even though you're not "finished finished" may I archive your kitchen in the Finished Kitchens Blog? We can always update your photos/details later if any changes are needed.
If you're ok with this please submit the FKB Category Checklist so I can easily categorize your kitchen.
Thanks and congrats!

Here is a link that might be useful: FKB Category Checklist

    Bookmark   March 30, 2009 at 1:41PM
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Starpooh - I would be honoured. I'll fill out the details now. Sorry for my tardy reply! The kitchen chairs and table should be here in a week or two, then we're officially done.

    Bookmark   April 4, 2009 at 11:44PM
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Hey Starpooh, just wanted to say thanks for filling in all my kitchen details on the Finished Kitchens blog. I wanted to post "finished-finished" photos once our kitchen chairs were unwrapped. But alas, we got busy with our two bathroom renos and we haven't had time yet. I'll add new photos to my blog soon!

    Bookmark   June 24, 2009 at 3:08PM
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I plan to do a combination of white and espresso cabinets too. I love your granite choice. Could you please tell me the name of granite? Thanks.

    Bookmark   April 27, 2012 at 9:59PM
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Chilili00 - just dug up my old post as I was reminiscing about our kitchen reno. Sorry for the late reply - it's Bianco Antico.

    Bookmark   December 3, 2013 at 1:30AM
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redroze, your kitchen is beautiful and I love the Bianco Antico counters! Thank you for letting us know.

    Bookmark   December 3, 2013 at 1:38AM
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Redroze!!! I saw this thread pop-up, and smiled from ear to ear, as I remembered your lovely kitchen, and equally wonderful you!

    Bookmark   December 3, 2013 at 7:49PM
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Redroze, if you are reading me!!!

    Bookmark   December 3, 2013 at 10:39PM
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