Two bird pics...

joan_mnOctober 11, 2009

from last spring.

My favorite hummingbird pic I've ever taken.

Canon Digital Rebel XTi, Canon 70-200mm F4.0 L IS lens, with 1.4 TC.

Preening mom, taken at Alligator Farm, St. Augustine, FL.

Same camera and lens.

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Both are beautiful pictures.


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Wow! Excellent pics. Thanks.

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Beautiful, Joan. It shows the versatility of the lens (as well as the talent of the photographer). How close/far were you from the hummer? I love the sparkle in it's eye.

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oh, very nice!

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Great photos Joan. I'm envious. Both shots are great.

I haven't quite gotten the sharpness consistently I'd like with my latest gear.

Don't know if I'm just not in the lenses' comfort zones too often, or out of the photog's competency zone! Probably more often the latter.

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