Kitty likes to bite

carla17April 19, 2009

Kitty seems to be biting more lately. I realize some cats do a personality switch sometimes when you rub them and turn to bite. This small monster has strong arms and likes to bite pretty hard. How can I break this and more importantly, why is she biting?

Thank you,


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How old is she? How long have you had her? Are there any changes in the house? Is she alone a lot? When does she bite? Does she have plenty of toys. Do you actively play with her?

When mine bite too hard I make a pssst! sound and sometimes blow in their face. If they bite during play I make high pitched squeling sounds. They both immediately stop and lick the spot they were biting.

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Kittens and cats bite when they play. Some are more aggressive. Avoid whatever you are doing before she bites. Watch her body language. Then stop.

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One year old, not alone a lot. Have had her since Oct. Yes, we actively play with her. She runs around the house too. No real changes in house.
Usually when she bites, she is lying somewhere and we will try to rub/pet her. Sometimes she's okay with that, other times she'll grab your hand and bite, bite, bite. I gently pull away and try to rub her for a minute. I don't understand if there is something lacking or she needs more play.
Thank you both,

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My cat is three and is somewhat like that. He doesn't much bite me or the kids but has bitten my DH and my niece who stays with us a lot.

He will jump on our bed in the am and seek attention from me and DH. DH will begin to pet him and cat will snap at him. Was really making DH mad that we have a pet that he can't even touch. It was getting to the point where DH wouldn't touch him at all because he didn't trust him.

He has also snapped at my niece who is 25 -- she stays with him when we travel. Last year she said she was just sitting at the computer with him laying next to her on the next. He reached over, latched onto her arm and wouldn't let go!

I was never a fan of the squirt bottle but I am now. The ONLY way that my cat will learn that this is unacceptable is to immediately get a blast. That means leaving a bottle next to your bed, on the end-tables in the living room, on the desk, and where ever he likes to hang around when he bites.

This has not made him scared of us or timid or less affectionate. We went away last week and my niece said he was actually lovey with her. She kept the bottle on the nightstand -- who knows -- maybe him knowing it is there is a deterrent???

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My female used to not like to be pet as much, she'd sometimes bite or even flinch and run away. I started really paying attention to when she was sleepy and I'd gently pet her then. I'd also talk to her a lot, and give her a little pat when I walked by. She slowly started coming around. She's still not as lovey as her brother (he is almost to the point of being a pest), but she is much better. When she does bite trying different tactics to make her realize she shouldn't. I have found the squealing works wonders. Try blowing in her face also.

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It sounds like she is being overstimulated (different thresholds for different cats!) Best idea is to watch her and stop before she tells you to, and then leave her alone.

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Thank you Sue and stirfryi. I will try these methods.
Elly, although I don't fully understand what overstimulation means in our particular case, I somewhat agree with you. Many times I tell my daughter, who is not young, to leave her be and wait for another time to pet or pick her up. She sleeps A LOT.
Thank you Elly.


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It is a common problem. I have, what has been described in this forum, a 'bitey cat'. My son is proud of the fact we have a 'fierce cat'. He rolls over on his back, a sign that the cat has complete trust in the human. But wait just a minute. Does the human have complete trust in the cat? I certainly don't. He is inviting a tickle on the tummy, something he is very fond of. But overdo it and the front paws clamp your wrist in place, the back legs with claws extended start kicking and the teeth are sunk in. I know he's only playing. If he meant business he would be through to the bone.

He meant business at his annual visit to the vet upon admistration of a worm tablet. The vet was in need of medical attention. He has threatened to emigrate to Australia before the next worm tablet is due.

Before anyone makes this suggestion, my cat was neutered at 6 months old. He is now 12 years old and still behaves like a kitten.

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There is a difference between biting while play fighting and getting bit for no reason (unprovoked) or getting bit while petting.

While I accept that many cats get over-stimulated -- they can always walk away!! It is our job to teach them that (as much as you can teach a cat!)

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My younger kitty was handraised and bottlefed. And she, like others the lady has rescued, is very orally fixated. At about a year, her nips would hurt. But now she doesn't bite hard. She likes to lick a lot too. So if we see she is in a bitey mood, we put our hand slowly forward, so she can smell and lick first, and then she is ok.

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I have a 5 mnth female kitten. She bites A LOT, and hard sometimes!!! Mainly when she's playing. Sometimes she will stop playing and run over and bite me or my boyfriend. Also, if we have people over to our house she hisses at whoever it is. My sister cannot get close to her at all without her letting out a loud hiss. Why does she do this? And how can I stop the biting or is there possibly something wrong with her? When she isn't playing she is EXTREMELY affectionate. It's very strange. I've had cats my whole life and I've never experienced the biting or the not wanting to be around anyone but me and my boyfriend.

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