problem urinating

owlanddarrenApril 22, 2010

I have a male pitbull pup who is almost six months old. Housebreaking him has been very hard. We got him at two months and obviously I didn't expect it to be easy at that age. He never took to paper training but seemed to understand to pee outside relatively easy. The problem is he will still pee in the house. Not every day, but often enough for me to be concerned, and if it wasn't bad enough, more often than not it's at my moms house. Good thing she loves me. lol

Is it possible it's a health issue? Could it simply be he is marking his territory?

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oh ya, something i forgot to add. He doesn't go in his cage

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He could very well be marking territory and neutering him would help eliminate that behavior. At six months, though, many dogs are not yet reliably housebroken. He should have supervision whenever he's loose in the house until he reaches a point that he never has accidents unless he's sick.

I never trust my dogs in someone else's house and especially not the males. An unfamiliar house is not their den and you never know how they may react. They get excited in a new place and that can cause a problem. If there are already pets there, they could react to odors left by them, too. The considerate thing to do is to put on a belly band when visiting someone or keep the dog on a leash beside you.

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Interesting topic ... I have a new rscue dog, Brownie. I've had him for 6 weeks now. My BIL came over last week with his 2 dogs, and this was the first time his dogs met my new one.

His male dog peed twice in my house, and he's been at my house many times and never did that when I had my elderly male dog. Very interesting ...

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Do you leash walk your dog? If so for how long? Dont forget to give your dog incentive. When he is peeing, say go pp outside or whatever you choose as an associative term. You can do this for #2 as well - While he is in the act, repeat the phrase and PRASIE him. Hi voice (as hi as you can go, good boy, like he just brought you a bag with a milliojn dollars in it....he will get it.

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